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Browning's Matt Hughes Hosts Trophy Hunters TV Show.

Release Date: 4/5/2011

Matt takes you all over the country with great hunts and great adventures.

At Browning we have always been proud of our friendship with 9-time UFC World Champion, Matt Hughes. Matt is a high energy guy. Especially when it comes to hunting. And it is no secret that he loves Browning guns and Browning gear.

Now you can see him in action on one of the most inventive and interesting new hunting TV shows ever: Trophy Hunters TV. And it is on the Outdoor Channel. Right now!

Matt is out in the field doing the hunting in many episodes and in others he introduces good friends and famous hunters -- and a few newcomers -- as they embark on great hunts and great adventures. The action is authentic and the emotion is real in this uniquely entertaining and information-packed hunting show.  

Air Dates & Times (check local listings for actual times)
Tuesdays, 6:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM CST
Thursdays, 2:00 am EST / 1:00 am CST
Saturdays, 8:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm CST

Outdoor Channel Listings:
DirecTV Channel 606
Dish Network Channel 396 (New Channel)
Check your local cable provider for additional listings. 

Trophy Hunters is a production of the Texas Trophy Hunters Association and is sponsored, in part, by Browning. Below are a few video teasers of past and upcoming episodes. For more information just click on the Trophy Hunters TV logo.

To view other Trophy Hunters TV show teasers just click on the image below. For more information on the show itself click on the Trophy Hunters TV logo below or the Outdoor Channel logo.




Read more about Matt Hughes and Browning at these links:

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Matt Hughes personal Website.

Trophy Hunters TV page on Matt's personal Website -- including episode descriptions.

Home page of the Texas Trophy Hunters Association.

Show Titles and Summaries:

Pilot Episode “Two Strikes”
After disappointment hunting elk in Colorado, host Matt Hughes travels to Saskatchewan, Canada to redeem himself.

Show #2 “All My Problems Just Disappear”
Leon McNeil uses hunting as a tool to impact young inner city kids and truly makes an impact on their lives.

Show #3 “Hunting with a Heavy Heart”
An incredible Colorado elk hunting experience, as bow hunter David Tidmore deals with tragedy that only hunting and time can repair.

Show #4 “Legends”
Two hunting legends, Al Brothers and Horace Gore discuss the way it used to be and the way it is today. Plus Hal has never missed a bird with a shotgun.

Show #5 “Like Father, Like Son”
Host Matt Hughes and his son Joey hunt for their first ever Texas whitetails.

Show #6 “Pronghorn Pursuit”
The winner of our Texas Sized Giveaway Hunt tracks down a pronghorn in west Texas and Mark Cuddeback finds a black bear in Manitoba, Canada.

Show #7 “Battle Scars – Part 1”)
In this first of our special two-part mini-series, we pay tribute to the soldiers honored each year by the show of support, Hunt for Heroes.

Show #8 “Battle Scars – Part 2”
4 Whitetail Kills – In this second part of our special two-part mini-series, we pay tribute to the soldiers honored each year by the show of support, Hunt for Heroes.

Show #9 “The Mossy Oak Boys”2 Exciting Whitetail Kills – A story about the boys from Mossy Oak and their Texas deer hunting adventures with Texas Trophy Hunters Association.

Show #10 “Matt Hughes Gets Rattled” (Airs the week of February 28, 2011)
Whitetail, Nilgai and Rattlers are all in danger as UFC legend Matt Hughes hunts south Texas to escape the cold Illinois weather.

Show #11 “Babies and Bullets” After the birth of her first child, Courtney Stolte, Director of TTHA’s Hunters Extravaganzas, travels to south Texas with her husband and newborn to pursue her passion for whitetail hunting.

Show #12 “All in the Family”
Matt and his father-in-law hunt whitetail deer in the cold climate of Minnesota.

More episodes are already produced and running now. Check your cable or satellite listings.

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