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Goin' Country With Kristy Lee Cook.

Release Date: 7/8/2010

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Kristy Lee Cook is a Browning girl.  And she's a country girl too. She lives the country life. She loves great music and she loves "The Best There Is." Browning, that is. In Goin' Country she does it all, combining her career as a country music star and her love of the outdoors -- especially hunting. Even the most serious guy hunters will be surprised with her understanding of game, her dedication to getting the game and . . . especially the way she knocks game down.

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1st -- This article on Goin' Country just broke on FOXNEWS.com. Click here to read the story. The article states: "American Idol" introduced Kristy Lee Cook to America. Now the country singer is hoping that hunting will make her an American household name. The article explains how Browning got involved with Kristy: "It was the country singer’s decision to wear a Browning hat while competing on "American Idol" that inspired the firearms company to sign on as a sponsor of the hunting show."“I just wore the hat because I liked it,” Cook says. “But Browning saw it and they were so excited I was wearing their logo they saw it as an opportunity.” Since then, the entire team at Browning and Kristy have become great friends.

2nd -- You'll want to read the AP story on Goin' Country found on Yahoo News. The show is getting a lot of attention with its very unique format and exciting host. Kristy simply does a fantastic job and makes this hunting show very fun to watch. Click here to read the story. This same story appears on the blog "the Boot" along with many comments from readers.

3rd -- Check out this short article on Kristy and Goin' Country on the "American Headline Hunter" blog (part of American Hunter magazine online).

4th -- Read the official press release on Goin' Country issued by Orion Multimedia, the producers of Browning's Goin' Country with Kristy Lee Cook.

Goin' Country is here. Browning has teamed up with Kristy Lee Cook of American Idol fame  to present the most exiting, most unique and most entertaining hunting and country music TV show ever. There has never been anything like it.

Kristy and her friends go all across American performing the best country music and going on some of the America's best big game hunts.

Below is an overview of Goin' Country with Kristy Lee Cook from www.goincountry.com.

Goin' Country with Kristy Lee Cook shares the life of American Idol finalist Kristy Lee Cook on her extraordinary journey through her music, her love of the outdoors, horses, and of course hunting. Having spent the last years hunting from New Zealand to Wisconsin and all points in between, Kristy has shown herself to be an avid and enthusiastic hunter.

You'll find her in Nashville with Dean Sams of Lonestar, writing exceptional new music and hit singles that record labels are vying for as she pursues a new record deal. Goin' Country is a reality program that takes an extremely close look at the inner workings of a singer song-writer, outdoor person, and avid hunter. It shows how these elements work together making a whole person, Kristy Lee Cook.

When you watch Goin' Country you will experience Kristy's funny and peculiar humor. You'll see how she affects other's lives. You will hear her heart and passion for life itself. You will be exposed to her business savvy and skills as a hunter.

Expect to be mesmerized. Laugh. Awed. Amazed! Watch and see what this young lady representing female Americana in a most favorable, professional, and positive lifestyle is capable of accomplishing.


VERSUS PREVIEW HERE. Watch a preview from the Versus Website (complete with commercial) to get a feel for what you can expect.




See below for the weekly schedule of Goin' Country with Kristy Lee Cook for fall 2010.


 Here are all the episode details. Check Versus for air dates and times.


GC 101 Texas - Trapper Burkett
Welcome to the show! We’ll follow Kristy Lee Cook and her husband Andy down to Texas where they meet Trapper Burkett – renowned trapper and guide. Along the way, we’ll visit Nashville and meet Dean Sams from the Country Western group Lonestar as Dean works with Kristy on her new music. Hold on to your hats, this is going to be a wild ride.
GC 102 Wisconsin and Illinois – Milwaukee and Chicago
There’s just something about competitions. Especially when it’s girls against guys. That’s where you will find Kristy as she takes the winner of a hunting competition to the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation in Illinois for a fun Pheasant hunt. Perhaps a little boy vs. girl competition while they’re out there.
GC 103 Kansas and Wyoming – K & K and Cheyenne Ridge
You learn a lot about someone by their family ties. Nothing says family like Kristy and her siblings. Kristy will have the chance to learn some hunting tips from her brother Sonny, who is the experienced hunter and she’ll have the opportunity to share her hunting knowledge with fledgling hunter Terina, her sister and road manager. That’s what family is all about.
GC 104 Texas – Ben Carter Ranch and Rancho Estrella
After a wonderful time at the Dallas Safari Club conference in Dallas, Kristy accepts President of DSC Ben Carter’s invitation to go hunt with him on his ranch in northern Texas. While in Texas, Kristy takes the opportunity to travel to Steve Grinnel’s Rancho Estrella where she hunts some great trophy game.
GC 105 Texas – 777 Ranch
Kristy brings her American Idol friend Blake Lewis to Texas to meet Jeff Rann of Dangerous Game and professional hunter, for a hunt of a lifetime, Blake’s first deer. Starting with a hunting makeover, Kristy transforms the Beat Box singer Blake from his street cred to wildlife lead. Jeff Rann does a marvelous job of guiding and teaching in this episode where the city crashes into the wild.
GC 106 Texas – Recordbuck
Jimmy Rejes guides a fantastic hunt with Kristy who has brought along Austin William, a young man in need of some guidance and an opportunity to find his legs. His gratitude for Kristy’s help inspired him to help renovate a barn at Kristy’s place. She wanted to say, “thank you” and take him on the hunt of a lifetime.
GC 107 Missouri – Oakcreek
Making friends and singing country music… That’s what happens in Missouri with Kristy Lee Cook and Country Music artist Jake Owen. Kristy invited Jake out for his first ever big game hunt and together, along with Jake’s brother Jarrod, they have an incredible time at Oakcreek. Sing some songs, do a little hunting, even get a scar to take home… we call them battlescars…
GC 108 Tennessee – Aaron Tippin Ranch
A concert. A hunt. A turkey hunt. All that adds up to a great time Kristy has with Aaron Tippin. Aaron invites Kristy to a concert in Mississippi and then takes her on his bus back to Tennessee where she gets a chance to hunt for turkey, Aaron Tippin style. While there, a vintage WWII plane ride is in order as Kristy puts her life in Aaron’s hands for a fantastic spin around Tennessee.


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