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The Maxus has arrived!

Release Date: 7/28/2009

It has been worth the wait. For two weeks now, the first Browning Maxus shotguns began shipping to Browning Full Line dealers all across the country. If you have one on order or just want to inspect one call a Full Line dealer now to set up a time.

When you head in to see the Maxus take along a copy of the Maxus checklist so you can compare the features and advantages you get with a Maxus. Click on the image of the chart to download a printable copy.

Browning has been the leader in autoloading shotguns since John Moses Browning Invented the catagory with his development of the Auto-5 shotgun at the turn of the century  -- that would be the "turn" that took place about one hundred and nine years ago. No company has more experience with every type of autoloader. Period! That is why the new Maxus offers the most advanced designs for reliability, recoil reduction, handling, pattern performance . . . the list goes on and on. Is it the most perfect autoloader ever made? We will let you be the judge. We are not worried. All the guessing and speculation ends now.

Put us to the test. Go to your dealer and set the competition side-by-side with the Maxus. Get out you check list and compare the differences. Then take a Maxus to the field and experience the smooth handling and functional perfection of a shotgun designed and made by people who hunt and who know what really matters.

Enough talk. Call your Browning Full LIne Dealer right now and get ready to experience the perfection of a Maxus. To locate a Full LIne Dealer near you use our Dealer Locator.















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