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Review of Nick Sisley article on Maxus.

Release Date: 3/13/2009

Sporting Clays Magazine, March, 2009.

Article Review of “Browning Maxus”
by Nick Sisley, Sporting Clays magazine.
March, 2009 issue.

Nick Sisley,  well-known outdoor writer of many years with Sporting Clays magazine says of the new Browning autoloader Maxus shotgun, "The Browning Maxus should be available now at your Browning dealer, or in the very near future. There should also be Maxus info at www.browning.com by the time you read this. This one is well worth checking out." 

Many Maxus articles are now appearing in the popular outdoor magazines, and you can review them here on the web. Also, there are lots of links to what makes the Maxus so popular. You can study each new feature  in depth right here. These unique features on the Maxus are innovative, and make the gun lighter, easier to dismantle and clean, more reliable with a wide array of shells, easier to shoulder and swing and much more enjoyable to shoot than what you may have been used to in an autoloader.

Sisley mentioned in the beginning of his article, that "all autoloading shotguns are pretty much the same, and if you've fired one, you've pretty well know how it goes. But the new Maxus has so many slick features, that it bears a close study." 

Sisley touches on each feature of the new Maxus in depth. Read his article in the March, 2009 issue of Sporting Clays magazine. Let's summarize what he says on each innovative feature of the Maxus shotgun.

New Power Drive Gas System: "The Power Drive system features larger exhaust ports that permit quicker dumping of excess gases from higher-powered shells. Further, Browning has found a way to seal crud and residue from getting into the action, so the gun stays cleaner longer—and a clean semi-auto action contributes to functional reliability. The first ten prototypes that came out of Belgium (where the parts are manufactured) were used at R&R, and Browning would not let any of us writers bring home the guns for further testing since they were taking them all to its annual sales meeting, but they all performed very well on both pheasants and clay targets."

Inflex® Technology Recoil Pad: "Browning claims that the material used for this pad is softer than any other manufacturer uses on any autoloader. But there's more technology to this pad. It is designed to not recoil into the shooter's face but instead away via directional deflection."

Vector Pro, back-boring and lengthened forcing cone: Browning was one of the first to over-bore its barrels, and its back-boring is engineered into every Browning barrel these days. Vectro Pro is now a part of that back-boring, which combines an over-bored barrel (most Browning 12-ga. bores I've measured are .739" to .742") with a 2 1/2" long forcing cone that's just forward of the chamber area. Browning was reluctant to come around to longer forcing cones, but now it combines that 2 1/2" cone with one of the widest internal bores in the business. I am certain that both longer cones and over-boring can improve patterns. Both factors simply deform fewer pellets, with more pellets staying within the pattern."

Invector-Plus™ Choke System: "The Maxus comes with Invector-Plus™ screw chokes, plus Browning claims that its barrels and screw-ins can take the punishment of steel shot better than the competition."

Lightning Trigger System: "The Maxus also features a new trigger system. Dubbed the Lightning Trigger System, Browning claims it now has the fastest trigger time in the autoloading world, at .0052 second. I found the pulls on all the guns I tried in South Dakota to be plenty light enough for me, and they broke crisply. The trigger assembly is easy to pull out for maintenance. The bolt is innovative in that the link extension drops right into place as you replace it and the bolt into the receiver. With other bolts, a lot of 'feeling around' must be done to fit the link into place."

Turnkey Magazine Plug and Speed Lock Forearm: You can use a door or car key to simply turn and push down on the retaining cap at the front of the tube to add or remove a magazine plug. Browning actually calls this feature the Turnkey Magazine Plug. We all tried this, and removal or insertion of the magazine plug could be accomplished in seconds. To make the plug change or even barrel removal even quicker, as well as removal of the forearm, there's a totally new Speed Lock Forearm. Traditionally, fore-ends attach via spinning a screw-on magazine cap. Maxus technology does away with that type of system. You put the fore-end over the magazine tube in the traditional manner, but to lock that fore-end in place, just press down the exposed lever at the front of the fore-end. This effectively "cams" the fore-end into place, and it's tight. To take off the fore-end, there's no spinning the screw-on cap. Just pull up the lever, and the fore-end is ready to pull off."

Speed Loading and Unloading: "The gun has a speed-load system; push a shell up into the magazine and let it go, and a spring feeds the shell directly into the chamber. Unloading the magazine is easy; just depress a latch inside the receiver, and the shells come out into your hand one at a time."

Magazine Cut-Off: "There's also a magazine cut-off a la the old Browning Auto-5. Flip the cut-off switch, open the chamber to change the round or whatever else you want to do, and the shells in the magazine stay put. Without a magazine cut-off, if you open the action, the shell in the magazine pops out onto the carrier.

Optimal dimensions: "This is a pretty light smoothbore. While a 7-lb. shotgun for sporting clays isn't for everyone, such a light gun will be welcomed by many— like octogenarians, youngsters, and even some women."

These are the features you want to become familiar with. They make the Maxus the most incredible, dependable autoloader on the market. Perhaps you too will see what a sweet handling, light carrying shotgun this is, and how fun it is to shoot.

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