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Browning Lights 2008

Release Date: 1/1/2008

An Overview

Nothing becomes more valuable when the power goes out or when you are stranded along a dark road than a strong, reliable flashlight. Browning has a bright, long-lasting flashlight for every need an avid outdoorsman could imagine.

For 2008, Browning introduces a new model of the popular Night Seeker Cap Light. Cap lights are the best idea ever, and Browning’s Night Seeker Pro expands cap light versatility. With the Pro having a bright 0.5 watt LED offering five times more light than the average cap light plus two standard red LEDs, you can see your way, hand-free through the darkness. The Pro uses a single AAA for two hours of bright light. Use it on your cap, free standing or as a pocket clip.

The New Nitro 135L LED Headlamp has colored Luxeon Rebel LED features 2.5 hours of run time and four colored LEDs back up the main bulb. Once you use a headlamp, you’ll be reaching for it for every job or hunt where bright light is essential. The headstrap is adjustable and comfortable.

The Tactical Hunter Lights are ultra powerful lithium lights with a tactical end-cap switch. This is a special lockout feature that keeps them from turning on when packed tightly with other gear. The rugged, lightweight aluminum housings are double-O-ring sealed, and the specialized K-2 lens and reflector design projects a unique diamond-shape bean that covers 25% more area than conventional round beams. New for 2008 are the160L and 210L LED with three colored filters.

New Pro Hunter lights feature a proven combination of a Xenon bulb for long-distance illumination and LEDs for near distances and extended run times. They are made from a lightweight polymer for strength and capped off with a machined aluminum lens cap for added durability. Get one in black or Mossy Oak® New Break-Up®.

New MicroBlast High Output LED Flashlights — finger-size lights that are rugged, very powerful and take up no more room than a tube of lip balm. The features that make them so rugged are tough, aluminum housings, O-ring seals and a twist power switch, locking out the light to prevent it from accidentally being turned on. All four models have a pocket clip and neck lanyard.

Four main categories of Browning Lights give you plenty of choices for your personal needs:

The Long Distance™ series include far-reaching Xenon bulbs and are adjustable from a focused spot to a broad, flood beam.

The Long-Run™ series features maximum battery life and are ideal for time-consuming tasks that could easily sap other lights.

The technologically advanced Hyper-Bright™ LED series use new high-output LEDs that provide an intense, wide medium-to-long distance beam with excellent battery life.

Combination™ series lights incorporate a Xenon or Hyper-Bright LED for long-distance light, along with standard LEDs for close-up work. This provides the ultimate combination of run time and light types suitable for up close tasks or distant searching with just a click of a button.

One of the handiest lights ever is a lightweight, bright-beam Browning Headlamp. Browning offers over 15 different models in black or camo colors. Adjustable headstraps fit snugly over a cap for hands-free work. The strong, unbreakable, long-life LEDs give you plenty of light to complete the hardest tasks.

Browning gives you the most choices in bright light output and versatility than any other competitor.

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