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Browning Firearms 2008

Release Date: 1/1/2008

An Overview

Long ago, Browning's inventory consisted of two fine guns –– the Superposed and the Automatic-5 (Auto-5). For 2008, there are nearly 300 specs of shotguns alone, nearly 350 different models of rifles and nearly 30 different pistols in many variations and styles. We have catered to the sportsman's needs for well-made, reliable firearms for over 150 years. It's no wonder that Browning is a trusted name – known the world over for firearms that exceed your expectations and maintain the reputation of high quality, durability and exquisite handling — firearms to be proud to hand down.

The Browning T-Bolt™ 22 is now available in a Composite Sporter, Composite Stalker Target/Varmint and a Target/Varmint model with a satin-finished stock. Its slick handling T-bolt design is easily worked with a short-throw, straight-pull action. The unique, Double Helix™ magazine holds 10 rounds. It is designed to rival the accuracy of much more expensive 22 rifles.

The Browning Cynergy® line adds 13 new shotgun models for 2008: the Cynergy Feather in 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore; the Euro Sporting in 20 gauge and the beautiful Cynergy Classic Trap Unsingle Combo with Adjustable Comb. There is a Browning Cynergy to fit every shooting situation.

Browning Citori® and BT-99™ shotguns are gaining a wide range of popularity the world over as experienced shooters tell others about their phenomenal performance. Check out the new BT-99 Grade III. It features a gloss finished Monte Carlo Grade III/IV walnut stock with or without an adjustable comb.

You’ll love the new 625 Citori Field. It's decked out with high-relief engraving and new Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones and Diamond Cut choke tubes. On the range or far afield, the Citori and BT-99 out-perform the closest competition with elegance and will boost your bag limit and scores ‑ Not to mention the envy of hunting and shooting buddies.

A high standard of performance and value is found in the Browning Silver™ autoloading shotgun with the Active Valve System. For the new year, there is a new Silver Micro model, a new Silver Sporting Micro and three new Silver Rifled Deer models; one in satin-finish, Mossy Oak® New Break-Up® and one in a Composite Stalker model. Deer hunting has never been so exciting. The Silver does not compromise on good looks, efficiency or handling. It's fast on follow-up shots, softer on recoil and maintains Browning's well-deserved reputation for quality-built shotguns.

Check out the Gold Superlite Hunter or the Gold Ladies Sporting Clays model. Whichever Browning Gold shotgun you select, you can be certain it will provide you a lifetime of reliable and exciting shooting enjoyment.

The Browning BPS , with its double-slide bars, bottom ejection, top-tang safety, forged and machined steel receiver and handsome looks put the competition to shame. It's been called the finest pump shotgun in the world. Get the BPS in the venerable new 16 gauge Hunter or Upland Special. Don’t forget the 10-gauge NWTF model in Mossy Oak® New Break-up® camo‑ perfect for turkeys, ducks and geese.

Still the number one autoloading rifle on the market is the timeless Browning BAR®, the ultimate autoloading rifle. The ShortTrac® and LongTrac® models in Mossy Oak Break-Up camo, with the Dura-Touch Armor Coating have been a great success. You can own a European-style, lightweight BAR featuring a high-strength alloy receiver, composite trigger guard, hammer-forged barrel and proven seven-lug rotary bolt system in the latest camo color.

No other model of rifle will satisfy the needs of a bolt-action fan like the new Browning X-Bolt®. For 2008, there are four hot new models with a completely new adjustable three-level Feather Trigger system that offers the best feel on any Browning rifle ever. A new bolt unlock button works with the top-tang safety, offering enhanced safety while unloading. New styling features more compact dimensions for a smaller, quicker, sleeker look and feel, and also trims weight. To ensure that your scope stays solid, scope bases are attached to the receiver using four screws per base. Look at the new X-Bolt in Hunter, Medallion, Composite Stalker and Stainless Stalker models. It will be the best bolt-action rifle you’ll ever own.

The Browning A-Bolt® is designed to deliver the consistent, pinpoint accuracy to meet the stringent standards of the modern rifleman. It has a 60° Bolt-throw, a free-floating barrel with recessed muzzle crown and a screw-adjustable trigger. The tunable BOSS System is available as an option on many A-Bolt models. Peruse all of the A-Bolts fine features here.

The Browning BLR Lever-Action Rifle was introduced in 1971. Two takedown versions of the versatile BLR are available: one with a pistol grip stock and the other with a fast-handling straight-grip stock. The simple takedown mechanism quickly and easily separates the rifle into two compact pieces for travel or easy storage. A scout-type scope base is available as an option. From antelope to deer, from hogs to elk, the BLR remains the first choice of those who favor the dependable lever-action.

A Browning Buck Mark® 22 rimfire pistol is one you will hang on to for a long time. These fine little plinkers are accurate, rugged and easy to load and unload. Choose from over 20 models of the popular Buck Mark 22 caliber autoloading pistol for 2008.

For a fine shooting 22 rifle, select from the ultra-modern Buck Mark® Rifle, the lever-action BL-22™, the new T-Bolt or the timeless SA-22™ autoloader. For 2008, the T-Bolt will be offered in a new Composite Sporter and Composite Target/Varmint model. All four models of the straight-pull bolt will expand calibers in your choice of 22 Long Rifle, 22 WMR or 17 HMR. These rifles are fun and inexpensive to shoot, easy to maintain and the perfect guns for anyone just getting into the shooting sports. Best of all, they are among Browning's finest.

Consider the famous Browning centerfire pistols, the Classic Hi Power™. Thousands of shooters worldwide will testify of their fine balance, exquisite workmanship and uncompromised reputation for reliability and accuracy.

The Browning Custom Shop in Herstal, Belgium produces beautiful engraved artwork on receivers and hand-cut fine-line checkering on high-grade walnut stocks. You can select from many models of rifles and over and under shotguns, as well as finely crafted side-by-sides and Presentation Grade pistols. Check with your Browning dealer, or visit our Browning Custom Gun link right here for pictures and details.

Thank you for visiting Browning. Hunters and shooters the world over are always proud to own, shoot and display their Browning firearms. Join them by becoming the proud owner of a fine Browning shotgun, rifle or pistol. For over 150 years, Browning has been the best there is.

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