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Browning Scent Control Program

Release Date: 1/1/2008

Scent control is a tricky game, and the benefits of controlling human odor in the field cannot be denied. While other companies rely on heavy, hard-to-care-for activated charcoal suits with a limited lifespan for their scent control, we take a different approach. Driven by laboratory-engineered technology, creations from VisaEndurance® have been extensively tested and provide scent control garments that are more effective and more breathable, lighter in weight, less bulky and effective for longer than the competition.

In hunting clothing, maintaining the relationship between scent control and breathability is essential. Unlike other scent control technologies that rely on heavy, bulky activated carbon layers that are hotter and less comfortable, the one-two punch of OdorSmart™ and ScentSmart™ technologies are part of the fabric to allow maximum breathability and performance.

Longevity used to be a concern with scent control garments, until VisaEndurance. VisaEndurance technologies have been extensively tested and proven to maintain scent control levels not only as the garment is worn, but also throughout the life cycle and repeated washings of the garment. Normal laundering is all that is necessary to regenerate and restore the garment to full effectiveness.

The first line of defense against body odor is OdorSmart in the NTS Base layers found here. It utilizes patent-pending antimicrobial silver ions proven to kill odor-causing bacteria. The silver ions are encapsulated in a ceramic cage that protects the ions until they are needed to prevent premature breakdown. The odor control benefits of OdorSmart are two-fold: 1) Bacteria is eliminated. 2) The garments don’t stink.

The second line of defense is new ScentSmart. It takes scent control up a notch and represents the latest in technology. This patent-pending technology utilizes a dandelion-shaped, engineered polymer permanently bonded to the surface of the fabric. The polymer adsorbs body odor molecules, trapping them within the branches of the polymer instead of releasing them to the atmosphere. Normal laundering washes the scent molecules away, readying the garment for the next hunt.

When only the best in scent control will do, look for the Browning and VisaEndurance labels.

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