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ProSeries Safe -- What Makes Them Different?

Release Date: 7/8/2014


Pro Series Gun SafesWhen you hear the word “pro” what comes to mind? Professional? Protection? In the case of a Browning ProSteel Pro Series safe, you get both. Pro Series safes represent professional-quality products, built to the highest standards, to offer the very best protection for your most prized firearms and valuables. And they are available only through the best, professional level dealers.

Every Browning dealer has the tools and products needed to provide you a superior safe. Browning Pro Series dealers take this a step further with pro-level knowledge and expertise to match the exclusive Browning safes they provide. If you want the best, and want every bit of help possible to get your safe in your home with each step guided by professionals, then Pro Series is perfect for you.


Browning has spent more than 125 years building a reputation for high quality products, and offers an honest fire rating on gun safes. While there are no industry standard testing guidelines, all Browning ProSteel safes are tested to our own rigorous testing protocols. If you really want to know how much protection you are paying for, just look at the overall thickness of insulation. More insulation means more protection. In addition to insulation, the design features found in Browning ProSteel safes — a fully-welded structure, and the use of a Palusol® fire seal, ensure that you receive the best fire protection available.


Pro Series safes are committed to ensuring your valuables are protected. Sturdy, formed door frame perimeters are reinforced for a rigid, pry-resistant structure. MAX Locking Bolts offer up to twelve times more bolt surface area than regular round bolts and four times the strength. Pry-Stop Corner Bolts (U.S. patent #8,276,527) or End Bolts add additional pry resistance in the vulnerable corners. Most of our locking systems utilize a cam and linkage system that diverts pounding and prying forces away from the lock.


There isn’t another safe manufacturer with an interior that equals Axis Adjustable Shelving. This innovative, patented (U.S. patent #D662341) interior offers the adjustability you want to meet your specific needs and makes it easier to organize the items within your safe. The DPX Storage System (U.S. patent #7,409,790) is Browning ProSteel's exclusive door mounted gun rack and organizational tool. The gun rack adds additional long gun capacity to the safe and makes it easier to reach several of your favorite guns. The Scope Saver is a recess in the door panel that protects optics and ensures a scoped gun takes up no more space than an unscoped gun.


A big part of what makes a Pro Series safe such a beauty is also what makes it a beast. It begins as a single sheet of flawless steel that is manipulated into a box shape and continuous, rather than spot welded, for added protection from fire and break-in. To this, a smooth automotive grade gloss finish is applied. Decorative pinstriping and scroll work add contrast. The final touches include a highly polished handle and accent pieces. Combined, these features elevate a Pro Series safe beyond above simply providing security. It becomes a welcome addition to the decor of your home — a piece of furniture as much as peace of mind.



It's all about choosing a unique type of gun safe dealer.

Pro Series Safes are offered through very select Browning dealers for the sole purpose of providing you with the highest quality products and service. Pro Series dealers are specially selected to:

  • Assist you in choosing the right gun safe.

  • Help make customization choices easier.

  • Provide easy delivery of your new gun safe in a professional and safe manner. And do it using the best in heavy furniture moving equipment and techniques to assure your safe is installed safely in your home.

  • Give you peace of mind knowing your Pro Series dealer is a true professional carrying the appropriate insurance for handling your new safe.

  • Instill you with confidence to make your substantial gun safe investment by knowing your Browning Pro Series dealer is equipped to help you every step of the way.

Pro Series Safes are offered through select dealers for the sole purpose of providing you the highest quality products and service. You can rest assured that your Pro Series dealer is equipped to help you every step of the way. From purchasing a safe that meets your specific needs, to delivery, and installing your new safe in your home.

Pro Series safes from Browning and ProSteel offer you professional quality, protection and service. Be secure with The Best There Is.

Create Your Safe --

The popular Create-Your-Safe section of the Browning Pro Series section of our site is going offline briefly as the new 2014 product line is prepared and programmed into the system. In the meantime, be sure to contact a Browning Pro-Series dealer for help in creating the perfect gun safe for you.

For a detailed comparison between each Browning ProSteel Pro Series gun safe click here or the photo below (Adobe Reader PDF).  



Browning and ProSteel are on the leading edge of gun safe innovation, and nowhere is this more evident than in the new Pro Series safes. A high-security Pro Series safe relies on exclusive features and construction methods, elevating security to our highest level ever raising the bar for the competition to try and match. Fire protection in the Pro Series is second to none. Precision manufacturing and finishing ensures a flawless final product that you will be proud to have in your home.


Don’t get burned by a lack of fire protection in your safe. Every safe manufacturer offers some type of fire rating; however, there is no industry standard test to ensure that all ratings are measured the same. The best way to compare fire protection is to look at the overall thickness of insulation. More insulation means more protection. Additional design features found in Browning ProSteel safes — like external hinges, a full inner-door plate, and the use of a Palusol® fire seal, ensure that you receive the best fire protection available.


No other gun safe company can match the security found in a Browning ProSteel Pro Series safe. Our sturdy, formed door frames are reinforced around the entire perimeter of the door opening for a strong, rigid structure. Combine that with MAX Locking Bolts (Patent Pending) found only on the Pro Series line of safes, and you have up to 12 times more bolt surface area making contact with the stout door frame, resulting in a locking bolt that is four times stronger than traditional locking bolts. Add in Pry-Stop Corner Bolts or End Bolts, and you have the most pry-resistant safes available. Pinnacle and Prestige safes feature the Gear Drive Locking System. This system offers the security of cam and linkage systems, and features a gear system with 300 degrees of rotation, making it three times easier to operate than other mechanisms.

The heart of every safe’s security is its lock and that’s why all Pro Series safes feature mechanical locks from the industry leader, Sergeant & Greenleaf®. The lock is protected by two 1⁄4" hardened steel plates and features four 1⁄4" hardened steel pins designed to deflect or break drill bits during a drilling attack. These are just a few of the security features that help Browning ProSteel safes earn the UL® Residential Security Container Rating. From pry attacks, to punch attacks, to drill attacks and beyond, no other safe provides the security you will find in a Pro Series safe.



In addition to being a stronghold for firearms and other valuables, a Pro Series safe adds to the appearance of any room. A sleek automotive-grade paint finish graces the body, and is accented with details like decorative hinge caps, polished hardware and chamfered corners that set Browning ProSteel Pro Series safes apart from other safes.


If there is one feature that makes a Browning ProSteel safe stand out from the crowd, it’s convenience. No other brand of safe can match our attention to detail when it comes to maximizing storage, organization and access inside the safe. All Pro Series safes feature the DPX® Storage System (U.S. patent #7,409,790). This feature allows you to store long guns, handguns and smaller items in pouches and pockets on the back of the door. Putting guns and gear on the back of the door makes frequently used items easier to access and frees up space inside the safe for more room in the gun racks and on the shelves. Adjustable shelving allows you to customize the interior for items of various sizes. Axis Adjustable Shelving, found on our best safes, offers a vast range of options. Heavy duty hinges allow a 180° door swing for better access to safe contents. A raised floor helps prevent scratches to gun stocks coming in and out of the safe. Additional little details like these put the Browning ProSteel Pro Series safes a step above the rest.


Thieves will attempt to pound, drill, cut, hack, pry and torch their way into your safe. Flames will lick at a safe’s walls until the steel is hot enough to peel the finish and warp the body. All the while the contents within the safe remain protected. Should the unthinkable happen, you’ll be glad you chose a Browning ProSteel safe for protection from attack and fire, and the warranty that covers the damage to your safe from both. Every safe manufacturer offers a warranty, but like the safes they manufacture, the warranties are not the same. The warranty on a Browning ProSteel safe is on par with the best in the industry. If your Browning ProSteel safe is forcibly opened, we will replace or repair the safe free of charge. If your Browning ProSteel safe is attacked by forcible means, we will replace or repair the safe free of charge. If your Browning ProSteel safe is damaged in a house fire, we will replace or repair the safe free of charge. Should any of the above occur, ProSteel will pay to have a locksmith come to the site and open the safe so your valuables can be retrieved. Free of charge means just that. We will pay to have the damaged safe picked up and the new or repaired safe delivered to your residence, at no cost to you.


Browning is leading the way in efficient storage solutions. The Scope Saver is neatly molded into the door panel and uses the space in the door to make room for optics mounted on long guns. This unique, one of a kind rack maximizes long gun storage and isolates and protects your optics from the usual bumps that occur when moving guns in and out of the safe. Look for the DPX Storage System and the exclusive Scope Saver on Pinnacle, Prestige and Deluxe safes.




Any way you look at it, a scoped long gun takes up the space of two guns in a safe, except with the Scope Saver. The Scope Saver takes advantage of space no other manufacturer has ever thought of using, the space in the door, to fit a scope. With the scope resting in the recessed area of the door, the gun takes up no more space than an unscoped long gun. And because the Scope Saver is integrated into the DPX door panel, these scoped long guns are right at your fingertips, easy to access as soon as the door swings open.

Click here to learn more about the ground breaking new DPX Scope Saver System.

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