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Does Browning carry any gun cleaning supplies?


Browning gun cleaning products can be purchased separately or in a package with all 4 products, available at your dealer or by contacting Browning Customer Service @ 1-800-333-3288.

Step 1 Carbon Remover

Proprietary formula quickly removes carbon build up
Evaporates quickly
Contains no ammonia, pH neutral
Pinpoint applicator
4 oz. bottle

Step 2 Bore Polish

Proprietary formula improves bore condition while safely removing accuracy-harming copper build up
Removes copper, lead and powder residue
Evaporates quickly
Contains no ammonia, pH neutral
Pinpoint applicator
4 oz. bottle

Step 3 Solvent and Degreaser

Safely removes residue from Carbon and Bore Polish cleaners
Fast-drying solvent displaces water
Contains no chlorine, ozone safe
Rapidly cuts through oil and grease
Leaves no residue
10 oz. can

Step 4 Gun Oil or Gun Oil, Aerosol

Proprietary formula passes strict military requirements
Low surface tension provides excellent lubrication and corrosion protection
Contains no synthetics
Pinpoint applicator
2 oz. bottle
available in Aerosol also


Includes Carbon Cleaner, Bore Polish, 10 oz. Solvent Degreaser and Gun Oil

We also offer the following tools for easier gun cleaning:


The safe way to protect both firearms and furniture
Soft, felt-like fabric won’t damage firearms
Waterproof Zorb Tech™ backing stops spills from migrating and inhibits the soak-through of cleaners
Mat measures 16" x 54" for plenty of room while keeping parts in their places and organized
Washable, Dryable, Highly stain-resistant


51-piece set
Small, compact and convenient
Double-injected form fitted case
Custom molded driver with magnetic tip
12 flat head bits, 8 hex bits, 4 Phillips bits, 2 extra-long Phillips bits, 7 Torx® bits, 4 Robertson bits, 4 Tri-wing bits, 3 Clutch bits, 2 spline bits, 3 Torq® bits and one, 1" socket adaptor


3-piece brass cleaning rod with machined aluminum handle
Includes bronze brushes, mops, slot-tip jags and adaptors
Cleaning pick and double-ended utility brush
Polishing cloth and 25 cleaning patches
Custom-fit EVA soft-sided case with removable bandoliers and accessory pouches


35-piece kit is packaged in a fitted aluminum carry case with handle and contains two sets of solid brass cleaning rods: One for small caliber rifles and pistols (.17-.280) and one for large caliber rifles, pistols (.30 and larger) and shotguns
Ten wire brushes, .17-.45 cal. including three shotgun brushes 12 ga., 20 ga., and .410 bore
Six wool mops from .17 cal. -12 gauge
Includes six jags, two slotted patch holders, brush adaptors, one PSH handle, handle adaptor and 50 cleaning patches


Three-layer cleaning pad
Soft polyester fleece top won’t scratch guns
Middle spill-proof barrier helps prevent cleaning fluids from soaking through
Durable bottom base prevents slipping
Side panel includes 24-piece cleaning kit
Cleaning kit includes brass rods, bristles, mops, slot tips and jags for all standard calibers and gauges
Rolls up into one convenient package

These products can be purchased through a dealer or by calling Browning Customer Service @ 1-800-333-3288

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