Send Us Your Ideas and Suggestions.

At Browning, we are always open to suggestions or ideas for improvements. We even like criticisms of existing products. It helps us keep true to our motto, The Best There Is. Please be as specific as you can be -- product name, code number, when you bought it -- and it will be much easier for us to respond. 

However, when it comes to product ideas, because we are a business that must compete in the marketplace, there are some legal issues that must be understood before you offer your suggestions or ideas to our team. So read this below  before you click to send your ideas to us.

IMPORTANT, IF YOU HAVE PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS OR COMMENTS. Browning is always pleased to receive your comments and suggestions about the products and services we provide. However, any information you provide through this website, letters, telephone calls, any Browning e-mail address or any other means whatsoever, including but not limited to ideas, suggestions, notes, drawings, concepts or other information, will be considered non-confidential and the property of Browning. Browning may use any and all submissions without restriction.

E-mailing us your ideas indicates that you agree with the Terms and Conditions for providing input and ideas which are listed on this page and in other places on our website. Select the envelope above to write your e-mail. 

BXP Ammo
Patent Image of a "Gopher Gun"

The "Gopher Gun." This patented device we Googled does not look like a very good idea. But feel free to share your ideas that can help us serve you better. 

Ducks foot pistol

I am pretty sure this "Ducks Foot" did not fit well in a holster. But if you have ideas that will help us make better products for you, send them along. Thanks to the Cody Firearms Museum for this photo. 

NOTE: Browning receives a constant flow of e-mails and other correspondence asking questions and offering product suggestions and comments. We endeavour to answer them all. But due to seasonal surges in the number of e-mails, letters and phone calls we receive, it is not possible to promise an exact time period within which we can guarantee an answer. It may be 24 hours or in some cases much longer. Very technical questions may take even longer. If you feel your e-mail has been misplaced or forgotten, please feel free to write or call us again. We are working hard to do our best to serve you and apologize when we fall short.