How can I tell an authentic Browning knife from a counterfeit?

The first thing to check when verifying if a knife is authentic would be to make sure you are purchasing it from an approved Browning distributor. On the back of  Browning knives the model number is listed as a 3 digit number.  Most of the time counterfeit knives do not have this number.  Several counterfeit knives have used 3 numbers in an attempt to make the piece appear valid.  Popular numbers are 337, 338, and 339.  If you check the Browning website, these knives are very different.  Other numbers stamped on the blade start with DA or SPG; these knives are also fake.

Check the word “Browning.”  Make sure it is in the correct font, place and has the registered ® mark.  If the image includes a photo of the box, make sure the number on the knife and box match.  Some pictures advertise the knife as a 338 with a box marked 141.

Most new products that come directly from overseas are counterfeit.  We are working diligently on this problem.