Hold on to your horses. For well into the century before the last century, horsehair slings have had a mystic like no other. Beautiful patterns. Durability from end to end. And a good fit on your shoulder. 

  • Attractive muted colors and braided horsehair patterns create a stylish and comfortable sling with a rustic Old West flair 
  • Features all-leather reinforcement and a thumb loop for all-day comfort in the field 
  • Adjustable length 
  • Swivels are not included 
  • Fits most rifles and shotguns
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Item Number 122294 UPC 023614063872
Material Horsehair Color Dark Brown
Length 25" Sling Adjustments Chicago Screws
Sling Pad No Sling Hardware Brass
Sling Minimum Length 32 Sling Maximum Length 37
Weight 14.4 oz MSRP $89.99

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