Sometimes, you CAN take it with you. These dry storage boxes are the cheapest insurance you can buy for electronics, ammunition, and a range of other items that you simply don't want to be exposed to the elements. You can confidently put your camera, cell phone, spare magazines, etc. into one of these O-ring sealed boxes and strap it to the rear rack of your 4-wheeler and then forget about it while you ride.

Features and Benefits:
Ideal for storing ammo, cameras, small electronics and other items • Light yet rugged molded polymer construction • End hinge and metal bail latch • Built-in folding top carry handle • O-ring sealed lid • Stackable • Smaller box nests inside a larger box for more compact storage • Large box has a capacity of approximately 440 cubic inches • Small box has a capacity of approximately 200 cubic inches

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Item Number 129025 UPC 023614843764
COLOR Black Weight 4.8 oz
MSRP $19.99

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