The best insurance a shooter can have. Your hearing and eyesight are literally priceless. Protect them both with the BRNG range kit. This combo includes tough as nails clear polycarbonate shooting glasses, soft foam earplugs with a plastic storage case, and comfortable adjustable-fit earmuffs with a padded headband. Double up the earplugs and earmuffs for extra protection - especially when firing magnum calibers and/or using a rifle with a muzzle brake.

Features and Benefits:
Shooting glasses with clear polycarbonate lenses offer both eye protection and enhanced target visibility • Soft foam earplugs provide noise reduction up to 31dB and come with a plastic storage case (shown) • Adjustable-fit earmuffs with padded headband • NRR 27dB

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Item Number 126383 UPC 023614844136
Color Black Components Foam Earplugs:Glasses:Muff
Weight 4.8 oz MSRP $34.99

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