Reach out and touch a Tom at long range. Designed for improved long-range patterning, the Invector-DS Turkey extended choke tube will immediately enhance your shotgun's ability to take down turkey effectively at longer ranges.

A new concept. The DS concept not only includes a longer tube overall, but the actual constriction of the choke occurs over a longer distance. This longer, more gradual choke taper creates a tight pattern that -- in our testing -- exhibits greater uniformity and far fewer flyers. The result is extreme tightness at turkey ranges with a level of uniformity that results in more head and neck hits with your shot.

Importantly, DS choke tubes are not rated by the inside diameter as measured by a micrometer, as most competitors do, but measures by the actual tested tightness of the pattern at 40 yards.  When combined with premium turkey loads, extremely tight patterns can be expected. Read more by clicking on the Invector-DS logo below. 

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Item Number 1134203 UPC 023614415558
Material Nickel Chrome Moly Color Chrome
Pockets Chrome Choke Gauge 12
Choke Pattern Percentage 80%-85% Weight 4.8 oz
MSRP $69.99

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