Black Label Performance Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Lightweight t-shirt with performance moisture-wicking fabric.

Staying comfortable during strenuous activity is the essential mission of the Black Label Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

  • The moisture wicking polyester fabric pulls perspiration from the skin and lets it evaporate to keep you cooler, making it ideal for wear under your uniform, body armor or web gear.
  • The long sleeves help keep the blazing sun and smokin’ hot brass off your arms.
  • The knit crew neck helps prevents chaffing and the knit cuffs keep the sleeves in place.
  • The Black Label imprint makes a bold statement about the person who wears it.
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Activity Use Tactical Main Fabric Structure Knit
Main Fabric Content Polyester Color Black
Performance Breathable, Moisture Wicking Gender M
Fit Regular Size Range M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, S
MSRP $40.00 - $46.00

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