Black Label Firepower Fleece Jacket

Mid-weight polyester fleece, lined sleeves, Lyrca® cuffs, multiple hidden/visible pockets, split side seams allow access to a hip holster

The Black Label Firepower Fleece Jacket is perfect for wearing alone or under a waterproof shell. This jacket is comfortable and versatile in every way for trips to the range or all-around town wear. And it is ready to go with special conceal carry features.

  •     The mid-weight polyester fleece fabric is cut for a trim yet comfortable fit.
  •     The lined sleeves make getting into and out of the jacket a snap and the Lyrca® cuffs help seal out chilling drafts.
  •     Multiple pockets on chest, body and sleeves offer plenty of small item storage space.
  •     ConcealAccess split side seams make your legally carried sidearm instantly available.
  •     You can add optional REACTAR G2 pads to the interior shoulder pockets to absorb recoil from hard-kicking rifles and shotguns.
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Item Color More Options
Activity Use Tactical Main Fabric Structure Knit
Main Fabric Content Polyester Color Forest
Secondary Color Black Performance Breathable
Gender M Fit Regular
Size Range XL, 3XL, M, L, 2XL, S MSRP $185.00 - $200.00

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