Black Label

Browning has long been an industry leader in the realm of outsanding technical clothing designed by hunters for hunters.  Black Label Clothing builds on this experience and expertise, and takes it to the next level.

Comfort and Utility

Blending utility and comfort with stylish colors and cuts, Black Label Tactical clothing is designed with the sport shooter in mind. Whether you're the guy who just likes to punch paper at the range or the competitive tactical shooter, Black Label Clothing is purpose built to keep you comfortable.

Built for the Sport Shooter

This clothing meets the demanding requirements of Law Enforcement and Military Professionals, but is built with the sport shooter in mind. The pants accommodate knee pads, have built in magazine retention loops in the thigh pockets, and are constructed from rugged and breathable cotton canvas or poly-cotton rip-stop fabric. Our tactical shirts are ventilated in the back, have multiple hidden chest pockets, and have magnetic closures under faux buttons to allow quick access to a legally concealed handgun in a shoulder holster.

Casual Colors - Concealed Carry Access

Like the rest of Browning’s clothing, Browning technical jackets and vests are manufactured in subdued casual colors. The vests, jackets, and our polo shirts are designed with Velcro or a combination of snap fasteners and zippers on the sides of the torso to allow quick one-handed pull access to a holstered sidearm or other belt mounted equipment.  Our performance polos use velcro fasteners to accomadate the same access to holstered or belt mounted gear - additionally they have a mic loop on the center of the chest, and sleeve mounted pockets.

Rugged Environmental Protection

Black Label vests and jackets are made with the same purpose engineered materials we use in our hunting technical wear.  Not only are they designed to keep you dry and comfortable, but they will take a beating from whatever setting you are operating in.  The same fabrics that are designed to resist the clinging brush and jagged rocks of the mountains will also hold up in the urban jungle or against the  wood, metal, and gravel of the shooting range.

ConcealAccess side seams are secured with non-locking zippers or hook and loop fasteners yet open instantly to give you access to your legally-concealed sidearm.

Pockets inside the shoulders accept a REACTAR G2 pad that absorbs recoil from hard-kicking rifles and shotguns. The REACTAR G2 pad is sold separately.

SnapShot magnetic buttons allow you instant access to a lawfully concealed sidearm carried under the shirt in a shoulder holster.

Concealed pockets let you stow your carry permit or credentials, tactical lights and other items yet have them right at your fingertips.

Front placket loop keeps a small radio or a microphone handy for instant access with either hand from any position.

Pen pockets on the sleeve keep your pens, pen lights or other similar items within easy reach.

Keep your small items close at hand in the on-sleeve zippered pocket. This feature is especially handy when you’re seated in a vehicle or when you’re working undercover.

Overlay on front pockets is extended downward to protect the pant from wear or abrasion caused by the pocket clips on knives, flashlights and pocket tools.

Leading Edge stash pockets provide you instant access to small items, especially when seated in a vehicle or kneeling on the range. The hidden zippers keep contents secure during movement.

Internal kneepad pockets allow use of various pads, while the opening is sized to make insertion a snap. (Kneepads are not included.)

Stretch waistband lets you move freely without binding or pinching, especially when you’re wearing a lawfully concealed sidearm.

Flapped accessory pockets put a phone, PDA, digital camera or spare magazine right at your fingertips.

Black Label Clothing