Primal Knife Sharpening Tool

New for 2021 –  Lightweight pocket-sized sharpening tool with multiple sharpening surfaces including diamond plate, carbide and ceramic V-Slot sharpeners, ceramic touch-up rod and removable diamond sharpening rod for serrated blades and guthook.  MSRP: $29.99

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  • Pocket-sized
  • Diamond sharpening surface
  • Carbide and ceramic V-Slot sharpening inserts
  • Ceramic touch-up rod with 20° angle guides
  • Removable diamond rod for serrated blades and guthook
  • Lanyard eyelet

Stay sharp. A good sharpener should be easy to use, easy to take with you and easy on the budget. That pretty much describes the Primal Knife Sharpening tool. Use the carbide and ceramic sharpening inserts, the ceramic touch-up rod, the removable diamond sharpening rod or – there's one more – the diamond sharpening surface. Use it before the hunt to be ready, to tune up your blades when dressing a large animal, and most of all, use it at the end of the hunt to make sure your knives are sharp for the next hunt. This tool has everything you need to keep any hunting blade in top shape. 

Item Number 3220423 UPC 023614964735
Overall Length 6" Color Black
Secondary Color Tan MSRP $29.99