50 pack - Speed Load Hunting Drop Point Blades

50 blade bulk pack replacement drop point blades for the Speed Load Hunting Knife. Disposable and quick to change. A revolution in convenience and game dressing/skinning speed in the field.

Speed skinning and more. Few developments in the knife industry have been more significant to avid, serious, hunters and guides than the Speed Load replaceable knife system from Browning. No more carrying a sharpener. No more carrying spare knives. No more changing knives or sharpening in the middle of a big skinning/caping project. These blades change out in seconds and keep you 100% sharp all the time. Some hunters and guides who cape big animals often have been known to carry packets of tiny, flimsy, hard-to-hold razor blades for caping. Those days are over. Get a comfortable, perfectly-sized Speed Load knife and a 50-pack of disposable Speed Load drop point blades and be ready to work hard and fast like never before. 

  • Bulk pack of 50 Drop Point blades.
  • All blades are the same drop point contour. 
  • Ideal for skinning, dressing, caping and field boning large big game animals where stopping to sharpen a knife is not desirable. 
  • Change out the disposable blades in seconds.
  • Have the total razor sharpness you need at all times. 
  • (Always dispose of dull blades properly.) 
Note: Blades are not interchangeable between knife models.
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Item Number 32201150 UPC 023614490807
Blade Type Drop Point Blade Composition 420-J2
Color Steel Rockwell Steel Hardness 56-58
Serrated Blade NO MSRP $39.99

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