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Discover Eons of Beauty in these Browning Knives

Woolly Mammoths lived in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America for millions of years and became extinct near the end of the last Ice Age. In rare examples the animal’s tusks, teeth and bones were covered by sediments, protecting them from decay. Over millennia, dissolved minerals replaced these animal tissues to become the fossils from which these unique handles are crafted. These magnificent knives are made in Italy, with the handles made in the USA.

Exploring the Road to Damascus Steel

Like the stripes of a wild animal, the laminated bands of a genuine Damascus blade ripple and shimmer in the sunlight, giving true delight to the knowledgeable eye. A product of folding and hot-forging layer upon layer of high-quality steel, each Damascus blade is a unique expression of the knifemaker’s art. These laminations create a robust cutting edge capable of long service and yet they remain easy to sharpen to a razor’s edge. When a Damascus knife says Browning on the side it’s the Best There Is.

High Grade Knives