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The line of  Pro Series Home Deluxe safes fit this need perfectly. Choose from sizes calculated to fit in your home -- all with exceptional protection from theft and fire. Although no home safe can protect from the most unexpected catastrophic disasters (meteors, floods and the like), with a Browning Pro Series Home Deluxe you will know that your ultra-valuables will be inside a safe that is ready for the things you worry about most.

And of course, these safes have been designed with your home in mind. Elegant colors and finishes compliment any homes décor. ¼” thick steel bodies and Max locking bolts combine with durable fire ratings to make them as functional as they are beautiful. Three sizes are available to secure your important jewelry, heirlooms, documents and other valuables.

100% Deluxe for your home. Not just another gun safe.

Some safes are designed primarily for special valuables. Things like passports, financial information and other documents. Or jewelry, special art or unique heirlooms. If you have ever left on vacation and wondered if your valuables were secure enough while you are gone, then it is time to consider a top tier home safe from Browning. 

Home Safes Deluxe – Pro Series

HSD 19
Home Safe Deluxe 19
HSD 19
Home Safe Deluxe 19 Interior

Home Safes Deluxe are built in the following sizes:


Thicker sheets of fire insulation arranged in an interlocking design that minimizes gaps to prevent the internal safe temperature  from rising during a fire. Read More...

Modular system of door mounted racks for long guns, including pockets and pistol pouches.  Read More...

Modular system that let's you customize your gun safe interior to maximize space, protect guns and improve accessibility. Read More...

Home Deluxe Safes