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Platinum Safes – Custom Series

The Best of the Best

Premium Platinum gun safes are The Best There Is. Each is constructed using thicker 3/16" (7-Gauge) steel for added weight and pry resistance. ThermaBlock fire protection is designed to keep heat and flames at bay for two hours. The distinguishing feature of the Platinum is the handsome Grade VI cedar interior. Platinum safes are made in the USA.

Platinum 65T
Platinum 65T
Platinum 65T
Platinum 65T Interior
PP65T Gun Safe Interior

Platinum safes are built in the following sizes:

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Thicker sheets of fire insulation arranged in an interlocking design that minimizes gaps to prevent the internal safe temperature from rising during a fire. Read More...

Modular system of door-mounted racks for long guns, including pockets and pistol pouches.  Read More...

Scope Saver takes advantage of space in the door to fit a scoped gun in the same space as a non-scoped gun.  Read More...

Modular system that let's you customize your gun safe interior to maximize space, protect guns and improve accessibility. Read More...

Light Package
Made in the USA


All of our premium safes features an automotive quality high-gloss finish. Gloss safes are sprayed and hand polished to a deep shine. This level of detail ensures a safe finish worthy of any home.


A wide selection of artwork is available on every Browning ProSteel safe. From ducks, to elk, to scrolls, to the iconic Browning Buckmark, there is artwork available to meet everyone's taste.


Platinum Plus Series safes feature the stunning Grade VI Interior Package. The Grade VI Interior is lined with cedar paneling that creates an interesting visual appeal and helps protect the contents from insect damage. The DPX system on the door back panel is trimmed
in simulated leather that provides a look of luxury. The Axis Adjustable Shelving and DPX Barrel Racks with Scope Saver offer the ability to store more than ever before.

Platinum Safes