Mark V - 33 Standard

New for 2018 — 33 long gun capacity, 23 ft³ of storage, 58"H x 29"W x 24"D


  • Fire Rating 60 Minute/1400°
  • Security 12 Gauge
  • Price $1,599 Base MSRP
  • Capacity 33 Total (13/26+7)
  • Customization 1 Option

Putting a lot of practical into a tactical gun safe design.

The Black Label Mark V Tactical safe provides value, security, and convenience for those who want a safe designed for the modern sporting rifle user.

The interior is maximized and perfected for storing the sizes and shapes of gun you own. And you can further customize if you desire. On the door storage is a Browning speciality that allows you to keep the guns you use most often in a place that is easy and fast to get at. 

Exterior Color Options

Matte Black

Hardware/Trim Options

Single Handle

Lock Options

SecuRam Electronic

Item Selector
Model Type More Options
Item Number 1601100257 UPC 023614436959
Gun Capacity / Config 33 total (13/26+7) Body Thickness 12 Gauge
Bolts 8 (5 Active) Cubic Feet 23
Fire Rating 60 Minute / 1400° Overall Weight 520 lbs 0 oz
Dimensions 58x29x24 Handle Type Single, Drop
Door Type 1" Formed Paint GLOSS
Scene / Graphics Silk-Screened Logo and Scene Lock System Force Deflector
Safe Security Rating UL® RSC Tool Attack Interior Color Beige Fabric
Locking Bolt Sides 3 Sides (Top, Left, Right) U.S. Suggested Retail $1,599

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