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The BUILD & PRICE buttons make it easy to select the model, colors, scenes, locks, and accessories you want. Quickly get an estimated price. Then have your choices sent to the dealer you choose to get professional help with your purchase.  LEARN MORE 

Take some of the guesswork out of buying a Browning ProSteel safe. See how it will look inside your home using the Browning Safe Builder app. Simply download the app to your mobile device, build your virtual safe to your specifications and place it inside your home in the exact location you want it.

The Custom Collection is comprised of top-selling Browning gun safe models. Far more than just a metal box to protect your valuables from fire and theft, these gorgeous safes are exquisitely finished and appointed to highlight both your home and firearm collection.

Browning Core Collection Safes cover more than the "basics" of protection for your firearms and irreplaceable valuables. Practical features in every model guard against fire and theft, while top end finshes and styling ensures there is a Core Collection Safe that fits your personal taste.

With a sleek matte black finish and special features to accommodate shorter length firearms, Black Label Series Safes are an ideal choice for those who appreciate modern sporting rifles as much as their firearms that are made from traditional walnut and blued steel.

Protecting your possessions from fire and theft is the primary goal of a safe, but that doesn't mean your safe can't have style. The premium Pro Series line up includes additional features, details and high level fit and finish to elevate the status of these trusted security safes. 

When a safe just isn't big enough, you can turn an entire room into secure storage with a Vault Door. Whether for new construction or an existing room, the Vault Door can be installed to add walk-in security that won't soon be outgrown.

Safe Accessories

Optimize the interior of your safe with Browning safe accessories. From accessory shelving to LED lighting to dehumidifiers, we offer a range of products designed to protect and organize your valuables, better utilize space and make items easier to locate. 

Smart, versatile and secure.
Smart, versatile and secure.

Announcing the new Browning ProSteel Safe Builder.