The cheapest insurance you can get for your waterfowl shotguns. It could happen to you. Your beloved duck gun could fall out of the boat on your way to or from the blind. Best case scenario, you are taking a bath in some cold, nasty water, with all your clothes on. Worst case scenario, you don't discover that your gun has fallen overboard until you make it to the blind or boat launch and it's as good as gone. Browning floater cases are cheap insurance for your gun, giving you a water-resistant protective case that will keep your gun floating on the surface until you can fish it out.
Two for the price of one. This two gun case is perfect for a parent taking his son or daughter out hunting. The center panel divider keeps both guns separated to prevent marring or scratching.
Features and Benefits:
  • SHELL Heavy-duty polyester fabric 
  • LINING Smooth faced polyester 
  • PADDING TYPE High density closed-cell foam helps the case and contents to float if dropped overboard
  • CLOSURE Hook and loop closure 
  • TRIM AND BINDING Detachable shoulder strap
  • SPECIAL FEATURES Padded carry strap • Center panel divider to accommodate two shotguns • Accessory pocket with hook and loop closure
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Item Number 1410908452 UPC 023614843191
COLOR Olive Weight 1 lbs 0 oz
MSRP $59.99

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