Kill Chill with Windkill.

Staying warm and comfortable is not about just having adequate insulation. The most comfort is obtained when your hunting clothing stops wind from pushing through the fabric, getting inside your jacket where it can chill you. At the same time, you want to allow moisture (humidity) that builds up as you engage in hunting activity (hiking, climbing your treestand, hauling out game) to be able to easily breathe out through the fabric. A fabric that blocks wind AND breathes is not magic. It's Browning WindKill. 

  •  Our windproof, breathable WindKill fabric is 100% windproof, highly breathable and water-resistant.
  •  A lightweight barrier, WindKill prevents chilling winds from penetrating the fabric to keep you warm.
  •  Browning windproof clothing is designed and constructed to prevent wind from sneaking in through cuffs, zippers and hoods. This combination of special fabrics and design features ensures our clothing is totally windproof, not just wind-resistant.