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The Uni-Force Locking System Repels Attack. Uni-Force is the finest of all the  Browning ProSteel gun safe locking mechanisms. It uses robust cam locks and a large, multiple diversion bar system to prevent bolt or handle pressure from reaching the lock. Forces go to the cams and diversion bars, not the lock, for protection unmatched by other locking systems. This is a true, vault-type cam system that engages the locking bolts and protects the lock from external forces.

Browning pioneered this engineering concept years ago, and it is now perfected in the most attack resistant designs offered. A determined attacker can use blunt force against locking bolts or handle pressure in an attempt to rotate the cams inside and then "force" open the safe. They think these impacts can affect or even break the locking system. They are wrong. Browning ProSteel's multiple diversion bars won't allow sufficient force to ever move through the locking system to the lock itself. The locking mechanism is not at risk.

Not every safe you can buy is designed with this kind of reinforced redundancy. In fact some gun safes ignore this area of common attack entirely. But not Browning ProSteel. That is why you get true peace of mind with a top tier Browning ProSteel with the Uni-Force Locking System. Accept nothing less.