OmniBarrier — Gun Safes

Omni Barrier gun safe feature logo.

Enough reinforcement and design features to stop a burglar cold.

Omni Barrier is a carefully engineered structure of steel hard plate and steel components designed to protect the safe lock from drill, punch and push attacks. We are not going to tell you exactly how we configure these components or exactly what they are constructed of . . . for very important and obvious reasons. More reasons Browning safes are The Best There Is.

Many burglars still think that attacking the locking mechanism itself is the way to get into a gun safe or any other safe, for that matter. They may have a point with some weaker, poorly designed safes. But Browning ProSteel safes with Omni Barrier have substantial attack resisting features built in and around the lock mechanism that will thwart attack. So, each time you close your safe and lock it tight, you will have the peace of mind you want knowing that your guns are safe from a determined frontal attack. And that feels good.