Body Thickness (variable measure)

The thickness of the steel that comprises the safe body. A smaller gauge number means thicker steel, which provides more security than thinner steel. The thickest safe body on Browning ProSteel safes is 3/16" (on Platinum Plus and Pinnacle Series) and this specification is not shown in gauge measurement.

Gun safe 10 Gauge body steel thickness logo

Steel Thickness

Thicker steel means more protection from any type of criminal attack and from fire.

  • Best – 3⁄16" Steel — Equivalent to about 6.5 gauge, 0.1875" thick.
  • Better – 10 gauge — 0.135" thick.
  • Good – 12 gauge — 0.105" thick.

Door Thickness

A thicker, more rigid door is better able to resist pry attacks. A door formed from multiple pieces of steel is more rigid because strategic bends in the metal add strength. A formed door also includes fire insulation, and therefore provides more fire protection.

  • Best – Duo-Formed® Door — 1 5⁄16" thick door face.Full steel interior panel.
  • Better – 1" Formed Door — 1" thick door face. Steel reinforcement panels.
  • Good – Plate Door — 3⁄16" thick solid steel door face.