Browning and W.L.Gore and Associates have been partners in producing the very best fabric for outdoor clothing for many, many years. Gore-Tex® was discovered by Bob Gore in 1969. Gore's ability and discovery in being able to configure polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), led to hundreds of products in diverse markets. Browning uses Gore-Tex in many of their fabrics. It is a very thin, white membrane, which is waterproof, breathable, porous, strong, chemically inert with low dielectric constant. In other words, the name Gore-Tex on Browning clothing means it is guaranteed to keep you dry. Period. Gore-Tex membrane allows body moisture to escape through small pores, since moisture molecules are smaller than those in water. Body perspiration escapes and evaporates, but water and moisture coming in cannot penetrate the Gore-Tex membrane. Browning Gore-Tex garments will keep you dry under any conditions, since all seams are taped. Browning offers many styles and fabrics for any layering/outdoor situation you can imagine yourself in.