Gun Safe Storage Solutions

More space and better organization with the best door storage system in the industry. There just isn’t another manufacturer that can match the versatility and convenience of a Browning ProSteel safe. Our patented interior designs offer virtually endless opportunities for customization, allowing you to fit more valuables in your safe and make locating them easier. It starts with the Axis Shelving System.

How do Browning ProSteel Safes hold 54% more long guns?

In a Browning ProSteel safes long guns, handguns and more can be stored on the back of the safe door, adding up to 54% more long gun capacity and making your most used guns easy to access.

Use these helpful hints to maximize space:

“Heel-to-toe” configuration allows door to close without interference and maximizes storage space.

1. Set guns on the toe of the recoil pad and allow them to lean slightly forward. Resting guns on the heel of the stock and tipping them back uses up valuable space on the floor of the safe.

2. Place guns without optics on the back row, against the back wall of the safe. This frees up space for scoped firearms on the outer row.

3. Place long guns “heel-to-toe” to store the maximum amount of guns. On the back row, be sure the gun's heel is pressed against the back wall. On the outer row make sure the firearm is
touching the toe of the gun on the back row.

4. Group similarly-sized firearms together and adjust barrel racks to find the balance point of the firearms to keep them as vertical as possible.

If the safe is not equipped with a Scope Saver on the DPX Barrel Rack, place often reached for guns without optics on the door to free up space for scoped long guns on the outer row. Firearms with large optics or optics with large adjustment turrets may not fit in the Scope Saver.

More space and better organization with the best door storage system in the industry.

DPX Door Storage System

The patented DPX storage system (U.S. patent #7,409,790) is available exclusively on Browning ProSteel safes. This unequalled organizational tool allows long guns, handguns, shooting gear and valuables to be stored on the back of the safe door. The DPX Quick Access Barrel Rack puts long guns on the door for instant access and the available Scope Saver increases storage and protects optics. DPX pouches and pockets keep valuables and gear where they are easy to find and free up shelf space for even more items.

DPX Quick Access Barrel Rack

Flexible polymer wings protect the barrel finish, secure the barrel in place and allow firearms to easily be pushed into or pulled from the rack. (U.S. patent #D643500)

DPX Scope Saver

Store more long guns with optics on the DPX door rack with the patented Scope Saver. This unique recessed panel protects scopes and increases gun capacity.

Patented adjustable shelving creates unmatched convenience and storage solutions.

Browning ProSteel safes offer the most versatile interiors in the industry, allowing for more storage and better organization of your valuables. To maximize storage and improve organization, a variety of specialized accessories are available for Browning ProSteel safes with Axis Adjustable Shelving and now CMS Adjustable Shelving. All Axis accessories shown are compatible with safes built in 2018 and newer that feature CMS Adjustable Shelving and are greater than 20 cubic feet in size.