Blade Types

Drop point blades have a point slightly lower than the back of the blade. Similar to the clip point, it has a stronger point. They are less suitable for piercing than the clip point.

A clip point blade is similar to a drop point but with a curved portion of the front 'clipped' out. The clipped portion is good in tight places and picking. It can be sharpened as well for better piercing.

A tanto style knife blade has multiple chiseled points and a thicker blade head, adding to its strength.

A straight back blade is simple and strong. The point extends straight from the thick back. Good for chopping, picking and slicing.

A symmetrical blade with a spine that runs down the middle. Can be single or double-edged.

Suitable for skinning, this blade has a strong curve at the end that meets with a short dull straight clip from the dull back.

This blade with its curved thick back and straight edge gives the most control, as the dull back edge can be held by the fingers.

This blade has a back edge that curves upward. Gives a larger curved edge belly on light knives. Good for slicing and skinning.

This blade has a curved back as well as a curved cutting edge. With a downward point, it is good for actions like whittling and scraping.