Athletic Fit

Get the Right Fit for your Style

Athletic Fit provides a trim, tailored cut that reduces bulk, fabric bunching and weight. On a hunt, you might spend hours, day or even weeks in the same jacket, shirt or pants. You might be hiking or sitting in a tree stand for hours on end. Regardless of how you hunt, you need to be comfortable - when you're uncomfortable you're distracted and impatient, two states of mind that can make your hunt unsuccessful.

  • Athletic Fit garments move easily with you and snag less on brush.
  • The cut is straight, or slightly tapered, from the shoulders to the hips. If you don’t exactly fit this body shape, a larger size can be chosen to maximize mobility and comfort.

These Hell's Canyon pants are a good example of Athletic Fit.  Athletic Fit tailoring reduces bulk for a lighter weight garment without sacrificing mobility.