BAR MK3 Recall

BAR MK II (Only specific versions are included in this recall)

Very small numbers of recent production BAR MK3 rifles.

We have been informed that the QD (Quick Detach) swivel cups on very limited numbers of recent Browning BAR MK3 rifles are out of spec and could result in the sling falling off the firearm.

Since the rifles affected are so limited, please call us if your rifle fits these specific criteria:

  1. BAR MK3 Rifles only.
  2. Composite stock -- either black or camo only.
  3. The serial number will contain the letters "ZT."

No other BAR rifle past or present is affected.

If you believe you purchased one of these rifles, DO NOT USE A SLING ON YOUR RIFLE UNTIL YOU CALL US. Call us immediately at: 1-800-333-3288.