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The New Beast Safe from Browning

New for 2016 in the Browning ProSteel safe line-up is the Beast safe. The Beast is built to give those with big gun collections a large safe, with superior features, at a great price. The new Beast has outer dimensions of 58” tall x 44” wide x 27” deep.

Designed for safety from intruders and fire, the Beast features a 12 gauge steel body and a 1” formed door with a partial inner plate. The Force Deflector Locking System has 1” diameter chromed locking bolts that are active on three sides to help keep the safe secure in the event of a break in. The Beast has ThermaBlock fire protection with a 1400° F/60 minute rating to maximize defense against exterior heat.

The interior features the DPX Storage System on the top half of the door back with a 10 long gun storage capacity. Exclusive Cantilevered Modular Shelving can be adjusted to the user’s preference to accommodate valuables and other items. The shelving system is built on a steel frame with carpeted wood shelves.

The Beast model puts a focus on long gun storage with a High Capacity Barrel Rack designed to provide rapid access to 41 long guns (13 per rack). Total long gun capacity is 56, depending upon gun sizes. Available in a Matte Black finish with a three-spoke black chrome handle.

Beast model with S&G® Mechanical Lock, suggested retail, $2,229.00.
Beast model with SecuRam Electronic lock, suggested retail, $2,299.00.

For more information on new Browning safes for 2016, please visit Browning Safes.