Guns & Ammo Awards 2019 Rifle of the Year to the X-Bolt Max Long Range.

Getting any kind of recognition from the editors of Guns & Ammo is a point of pride. So this year, receiving the Rifle of the Year award for the Browning X-Bolt Max Long Range, is extra special.

According to the article accompanying the announcement, G&A editors took the Max Long Range on multiple hunts and put it through a series of true "field" tests around the world. And they liked it. A lot. 

Before taking a Max afield they had some reservations, stating, "Our first assumption was that this would be a heavyweight and impractical rifle to carry in the field. We were wrong." 

In fact, they soon became aware, that even with the full-featured stock and long-range barrel profile it weighs in at only about 8 pounds 3 oz. with most calibers. Add to that all the X-Bolt features that have set the entire X-Bolt lineup apart as the most accurate production out-of-the-box bolt actions, and you can see why Max Long Range quickly rose to the top of the list.  

"In fact, nothing about Browning’s new X-Bolt Max Long Range is a compromise. It’s just a great all-around rifle and easily this year’s greatest introduction."

"During the last year, the X-Bolt Max Long Range has been used by several G&A editors and contributors to harvest everything from Hawaii’s axis deer to Missouri’s whitetails. It also demonstrated unbelievable long-range accuracy potential."

Shooting an X-Bolt Max Long Range bolt action rifle

"Retail price for the X-Bolt Max Long Range is advertised at $1,269.99. We couldn’t find this level of feature-rich value in another new rifle having a lesser price, or in any other production rifle currently offered for less than $1,500."