300 PRC rifle cartridge

X-Bolt Rifles Are Now Chambered in 300 PRC.

"A True Heavy Hitter."

Browning welcomes the Hornady 300 PRC cartridge to the X-Bolt rifle line. One of the most exciting announcements at the 2020 SHOT Show was that Browning is adding Hornady 300 PRC to the X-Bolt line. Eleven X-Bolt models, running the gamut from hunting to long-range models, are scheduled to be chambered in this exciting new cartridge. The X-Bolt is already widely regarded as an excellent shooter right from the box, and the addition of this flat-shooting new caliber gives big game hunters and long-range shooters a new opportunity to maximize downrange accuracy. As Hornady claims, “The 300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) makes long range, mid-range!”

What’s so Special about the 300 PRC? With several .30 caliber cartridges already firmly set in the minds of rifle shooters, the venerable 300 Winchester Magnum is one example, why develop a new cartridge? At the request of the US Military, specifically the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), the ammunition industry was asked to develop a cartridge that would give snipers a 50% hit probability at 2,000 yards. The .300 PRC was developed by Hornady as the solution to meet this stringent requirement.

X-Bolt Rifles barrel stamp with 300 PRC.
Select Browning X-Bolt Rifles are now chambered in 300 PRC.

Achieving optimal aerodynamic performance. To accomplish the goal, Hornady developed the 300 PRC to “take advantage of long, heavy for caliber bullets that are capable of delivering the highest levels of accuracy and aerodynamic performance.” Currently, Hornady has 225 gr. Match and 212 gr. Hunter loads available, both using proven ELD technology. Common, magnum speed rifle powders are used and result in extremely consistent velocities and increased barrel life compared to most currently available magnum cartridges.

300 PRC rifle cartridge
The Cartridge is specifically designed to handle long, heavy bullets.

What’s the Secret Behind the Headstamp? Hornady developed the 300 PRC cartridge and chamber specification congruently to optimize alignment and tuned performance. The 300 PRC is based on the non-belted 375 Ruger cartridge case and headspaces off of the 30 degree shoulder, resulting in better chamber alignment than standard belted magnum cartridges and allows for improved stacking and feeding from fixed magazines. The rifles are of the standard X-Bolt long-action configuration, with a case head size of .532" and use a magazine that is slightly modified to account for the longer overall length of the cartridge.

Specifications provided by Hornady (from hornady.com). 

  • "Maximum cartridge overall length is 3.70" to utilize today's long, high BC bullets.
  • 8.5" twist rate to stabilize modern long, heavy bullets.*
  • 2800 fps from 24" test barrel with 225 gr. ELD Match® load.
  • Non-belted, shoulder headspacing cartridge results in optimal chamber alignment.
  • Cartridge and chamber designed concurrently. Same design methodology as 6.5 Creedmoor results in excellent and dependable accuracy performance.
  • Cartridge case designed to efficiently use common, temperature stable, magnum speed rifle powders yielding extremely consistent velocity and increased barrel life compared to currently available magnum cartridges."
  • Refer to the Hornady website for current specifications.

* At the time of introduction, Browning X-Bolt barrels will feature a 1 in 8" twist. Check the twist rate inscription on every rifle you purchase to confirm it has the rate best for what you intend to shoot. 

300 PRC Head Stamp.
300 PRC Head Stamp.


300 PRC cartridge diagram