Browning Shotgun Pig Cleaning System

Browning is proud to announce an important advancement in the cleaning of shotguns. It's the new Browning Shotgun Pig.

Patent Number 9,995,554, B2

The Browning Shotgun Pig is the cleaning jag you've been missing all of your life. The color-coded (by gauge) polymer body of the jag gently compresses cleaning patches against the bore of your shotgun barrel with a squeegee-like effect. This ensures that solvent-saturated patches reach every part of the bore. Likewise, clean patches will mop up every bit of solvent and fouling, leaving your barrel literally squeaky clean. Best of all, the magnetic tip on the end of the jag will hold the patch in place, eliminating clumsy errors that result in messes or even scratches to your gun's finish. 

The inside diameter of a shotgun barrel changes by as much as .05 inches depending on the choke size of the barrel. The Shotgun Pig is the only cleaning device that truly fits snuglly into your gun's barrel, pushing the patch against the entire circumference. The cleaning results of this extra contact are impressive. 


Attach a patch to the Shotgun Pig with the end piece. A magnet holds the patch tightly in place. It's that easy. 

More precisely, the Shotgun Pig head is made of a specific magnetic stainless steel. It holds the cleaning patch in place using a Rare Earth magnet. This magnetic interlocking system allows you to quickly secure the cleaning patch to the device. 


Apply any quality solvent or oil as desired. We recommend the Browning cleaning solvent system (of course) but . . .  


The foam used in the Browning Shotugn Pig will not scratch or harm the inside of the barrel or absorb cleaning fluids. The Shotgun Pig foam surface can be easily wiped clean.

The Shotgun Pig works with standard patches, gun solvents and oils and is designed for years of continual use.


Pig In.

Polymer Browning Shotgun Pig cleaning jags offer 100% contact with interior of barrel for more thorough cleaning


Pig Out. 


Remove the patch and back the Pig out and repeat until you are satsified that your barrel is clean enough.