Tejano/Norteño Music Superstar Ricky Muñoz Talks About the Hunting Lifestyle.

Tejano music and Hunting is a way of life in Zapata County, Texas. No one knows this more than Tejano/Norteño Music Superstar Ricky Muñoz of the multi-Grammy Award winning Grupo Intocable. Since he was a child Ricky has always dreamed of owning his own ranch and when Ricky is not making hit records with Grupo Intocable he is on his ranch hunting, entertaining friends and living the life he has always dreamed of. Watch Ricky and his friends live life to the fullest and watch dreams come true in Harvested: Zapata.

"I chose not to have a boring life."

"It's just in the DNA, man."

Harvested: Zapata

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