The 2014 Show Us Your Buckmark contest winners.

Release Date: 6/29/2015

The 2014 winners can provide some great ideas for your next entry. You might think that every idea has already been done. Before you think that, remember that the winners above got great prizes for making their ideas a reality. So, take a quick look and get to work.

Winner #1: Breeann Jean Vieth -- Ceramic Box

As a trapshooting high school senior, Missouri’s Breeann Jean Vieth has earned an ATA ‘B’ classification in singles and 19-yard rating in handicap with her favorite Browning BT-99 Plus.

Her bedroom is decorated with a Browning motif and her taste in jewelry runs toward the Buckmark as well. Breeann’s trapshooting medals were originally displayed on her bedroom walls but they kept falling off the nails.

“I built this box in my high school ceramics class,” said Breeann with no small amount of creative pride. “It’s my clay slab project and it’s about a foot square. It’s decorated in brown and pink, just like my bedroom and it has my trapshooting nickname carved on it – ‘Breeann Jean - the Shooting Machine’.”

  Now this ceramic treasure chest provides a safe harbor for her many trapshooting medals. Breeann’s mother showed her the Show Us Your Buckmark contest on Facebook and the rest is history. “It’s the best thing I ever did,” said Breeann. “And it felt like it fit.”

Congratulations Breeann, and we hope you enjoy your new Browning BT-99 competition shotgun as your prize in the Show Us Your Buckmark contest.

More photos of Breann are at the bottom of this article. 

Winner #2: Donnie McLawhon -- Handmade Wooden Gear Clock.

It’s been said that time flies when you’re having fun, and for Florida’s Donnie McLawhon time probably goes by at near-supersonic speed.

“I made one of these wooden gear clocks for my son as a wedding gift,” McLawhon said. “An acquaintance saw it and asked me if I could build one for him because his daughter is getting married and their wedding theme is the Buckmark!”

“I have been working on this clock for about six months, and it’s made from walnut, cherry, oak, and African mahogany,” he continued. “All the wood is from rough cut stock, then planed to thickness. All the gear teeth have been hand-cut and polished. The clock is weight-driven and keeps very good time.”

And why did McLawhon pick a Browning X-Bolt White Gold Medallion in 300 WSM as his winning prize? “While I do have a good band saw, I don't have a good hunting rifle,” he laughed.

Detail shots of how McLawhon created this clock are at the bottom of the article. 

  Winner #3: Justin Talley -- Mallard Tail Feather Buckmark.

When it comes to showing off some fine tail feathers from our fine-feathered friends, Justin Talley of Kansas ended up plucking about a half-thousand for his winning entry.

“From the time I heard about the contest, I’ve always wanted to do this,” Talley laughed. “My wife and I created our Show Us Your Buckmark Browning logo using about 500 curly tail feathers from mallard drakes. These ‘gentleman feathers’ were gathered over the course of the last decade after being shot with my reliable Browning BPS 12 gauge shotgun.”

“My wife and I had our first child, a baby boy, in October,” beamed Talley. “We named him Woods. We couldn’t think of a better time to show our Buckmark as we put the final touches on the nursery. We thought it would make a great story to tell our little boy, and if we’re lucky, maybe this will be a start to a great hunting tradition.”

  It looks like the Talley family hunting tradition is off to a great start with his selected prize, a new Browning X-Bolt Long Range Hunter in one of the potent 300 magnums, introduced as a 2015 SHOT Show special.

Got to the bottom of this article to see another photo of their little baby boy, Woods.

Justin's retriever in action.

Mom and Dad with little Woods. Perfect!

  Winner #4: Chad Guthmiller -- Artisan Table.

Some people are content with just a seat at the table. Chad Guthmiller of South Dakota isn’t content until he’s built the whole table from scratch - lock, top and Buckmark.

“I just started my new career as a concrete artist,” shared Guthmiller, a former electrician. “I asked a friend what I should do to showcase my skills. He told me about your Show Us Your Buckmark contest and I thought ‘so how hard could that be...?’”

“I formed a 2-inch tall circle mold 48 inches in diameter, sealed the seams and waxed the inside. Then I cut about a dozen hand-selected rocks on a tile saw and positioned them in the mold, then poured in high performance glass-fiber reinforced concrete with a river of rock inlays and let it cure overnight,” Guthmiller explained.

  “The next day I took the concrete out of the mold and used a series of diamond grit polishing pads to expose the stones which took 2 to 3 hours,” continued Guthmiller. “Then I made a slurry of cement to fill in the air pockets in the concrete. The following day I polished the slurry coat and let it dry. Later that day I acid stained it with 3 shades of brown.”

"The next day I neutralized the acid with ammonia, then used an adhesive stencil and concrete acetone dye to put the Buckmark on and free-handed the camouflage inside the buck. I acetone-dyed the side of the table 5 times with the Buckmark and Browning logo.”

  “Deer are meant to roam free in the woods so I wanted to capture that with a brown-stained table and rock inlays and thought a tree trunk base would capture the spirit of the hunt,” explained Guthmiller. “I took off to a shelterbelt about 10 mile from my house with a chainsaw and a feeling of adventure because I was hunting trees! I found the perfect one and the roots looked like a deer hoof. I chopped it down and dragged it about 100 yards back to my truck, and at home I debarked it, power washed it, sanded it and stained it.”

“By now the concrete table was dry so I washed and sealed the concrete to protect the beautiful buck from stains. And presto, I now have a beautiful Buckmark dining table. How hard was that?” laughed Guthmiller.

Browning is pleased to offer a bit of extra encouragement to Chad in the form of an X-Bolt White Gold in 338 Winchester Magnum for his winning entry.

The actual stump used to create the table pedestal.

  Winner #5: Jeffrey Starr -- Carved Buck Mark Pistol Grips.

Browning has a long history of supporting our military, and this winning entry comes from a Arizona National Guard veteran who served in Iraq, Jeffery Starr, a staff sergeant and squad leader with an artillery unit.

“I’ve always loved Browning guns. My dad had a great Browning pump when I was growing up, and I though of Brownings as being the top-quality shotgun. Several of my friends have Buck Mark pistols and they are amazingly accurate,” recalled Starr. “When I was in Iraq my unit received a ‘we care’ package from Browning with catalogs, decals, lights, hats and other cool stuff that I shared with my squad.”

Arizona National Guard Staff Sergeant Jeffery Starr, is in the lower left of the photo along with members of 2nd Squad, just outside Fallujah, Iraq.

  “I got into gunstock engraving as a way to relax after I got back from Iraq,” continued Starr. “I saw the Show Us Your Buckmark contest a couple of years ago and thought, ‘That’s cool, why don’t I enter that?’”

“The Buckmark is inlaid in artificial ivory while the checkering pattern is what I call a ‘triple weave’ and is based on traditional leatherworking patterns.”

Looks like this Starr will have plenty of opportunities to chase his favorite small game and upland birds with his winning prize for his innovative entry, a new Browning A-5 Hunter autoloading shotgun.

Tools of the gunstock engraver's trade.

The pistol with grips fitted.

  Tracy Cain, Ontario --  Beaded Leather Mitts

As Tracy explained, "This is a pair of beaded leather mitts I made for my son for Christmas 2014. I am just a beginner when it comes to this type of project, I thought it turned out great! My cousin told me I should submit my photo." We think this is very nice work -- especially for a first time project. 

Runner-Up Winners

   Pamela Bastian, North Carolina -- Orange and Camo Afghan. 

As a self-described hunting widow, Pamela Bastian from North Carolina had some extra time on her hands and put it to good use with her corner-to-corner Buckmark afghan.

“My husband and son spend a lot of time at their hunting camp, and the season is pretty long here in North Carolina,” noted Bastian. “My husband likes the Buckmark so much I thought I’d make him an afghan. I graphed out the pattern on paper, figured out which blocks were camo and which were hunter orange and just started in. It took me about 40 hours over a single week to finish and it’s 36 inches by 48 inches. I began at one corner and worked my way to the opposite corner, rather than going back and forth, row by row.”

Bastian discovered the Show Us Your Buckmark contest by looking over he husband’s shoulder while he was surfing on the Browning website. “I thought I probably should enter and see what happens,” she laughed.

While she really likes the look and quality of Browning clothing, for her SUYB prize Bastian picked a new Buckmark rimfire pistol, which will be perfect because she enjoys going out with her family for some informal pistol shooting.

   Scott Burton, Texas -- Buckmark Yard Christmas Sleigh and Reindeer.

Scott's runner-up winning entry is something we wished we could see in person. As Scott describes it, "I wanted to decorate my yard for Christmas in a way that demonstrates my family's hunting lifestyle. What better way . . .  than with an iconic hunting symbol? I have been amazed at how many people recognize the Buckmark and have gotten multiple compliments on the Buckmark Christmas display from my neighbors, passers-by and friends that I have e-mailed! I wanted to decorate my yard with "The Best There Is!"

   Elizabeth Barnes, Minnesota -- Handmade Baby Blanket

Elizabeth Barnes from Minnesota says hunting and shooting come naturally to her. “I’ve spent my whole life hunting,” she said with plenty of North woods pride in her voice. “We all hunt! - My dad, my husband and my 12-year-old daughter, who got her first buck just a few days after her 10th birthday.”

“My brother and his wife had a Browning-themed wedding,” she recalled. “There was a Buckmark on top of the wedding cake and the bride was in a camo wedding dress. I thought a Buckmark baby blanket would be a perfect fit for their new daughter, and my first niece, who was born on November 21st. The blanket is 32 by 36 inches and it took about five or six skeins of yarn and about 20 hours of work to finish. After I was done, I saw the Show Us Your Buckmark contest on the website and decided to enter the blanket.”

When asked about her favorite Browning, Barnes thought for a moment and said, “Where to start? It would have to be the Browning rifles, because they remind me of my dad.” To help keep that loving memory always fresh, Barnes gets a new BL-22 lever-action rimfire rifle for her entry. 

Carve Us Your Buckmark

  Last October we ran a small contest called Carve Us Your Buckmark. This was a Facebook only contest where any fan could submit a carved pumpkin showing off their use of the Browning Buckmark logo. We received hundreds of entries, and they were all great. All of them were better than our sad little prototype.

We chose two winners and thought we were good to go. Unfortunately it took forever to contact the winners. For a while we wondered if we would ever find someone to give the prize package(s) to. We finally did make contact -- but because of the delay they were never fully announced to the world. Until now. We would like to recognize them for their winning entires shown below.

Both winners won a great Browning clothing and gear prize package. And as you can see, most of the prizes have the color of a pumpkin. 

  Josiane Leblanc -- Most LIKES.

Josiane clearly got the most Facebook LIKES for her classic, straight forward Buckmark design. She received over 100 total votes at the time the contest was tallied. We are pretty sure she has a lot of Facebook friends that came through when she needed them. Josiane hails from Canada and enjoys Browning and the outdoor lifestyle. Congratulations Josiane. 

  WD Cole -- Most Creative.

WD took the top "most creative" prize with his carved elk and deer scene surrounding the Buckmark logo, all on top of the Browning logotype. The detail is very fine. Everything about this is cool. WD hails from Athens, Georgia. He doesn't do a lot of posting on Facebook, but this one was well worth the effort. Congratulations WD.

Enjoy These Additional Photos Provided by the Winners of the 2014 Show Us Your Buckmark Contest.

Breeann Jean Vieth -- Ceramic Box

Donnie McLawhon - Handmade Wooden Gear Clock.

First Cut.

Part Layout

Clock in action ticking away the time.

The clock ready to be presented.

Justin Talley -- Mallard Tail Feather Buckmark

They named their beautiful little boy 'Woods'. What a fantastic baby picture.

Pamela Bastian, North Carolina -- Orange and Camo Afghan.

Scott Burton -- Buckmark Yard Christmas Sleigh and Reindeer.

These winners were chosen from submissions posted to the Show Us Your Buckmark contest page (here on for the 2014 calendar year. The prizes were awarded in keeping with contest guidelines and requirements. Entries were judged on their ratings by visitors to the Browning Show Us Your Buckmark page, and for their creativity by the Browning panel of judges.

Each of the 2014 winners stood out from the crowd in some special way. Each is very impressive, but you will quickly notice as you read below that, in nearly every case, the story behind the entry is even better than the entry itself. If you have never entered, you should try it. You could win a new Browning rifle or shotgun or an outdoor gear package. For contest info click here.

Grand Prize winners were given a choice of a Maxus Hunter, A5 Hunter, Silver, BPS or X-Bolt Hunter. Runner-Up winners could choose a Browning .22 rifle. This year, some winners decided to upgrade to other guns and even to exchange for a Browning outdoor gear package. The prizes awarded actually appear in some of the photos sent to us by winners after they received their prizes.

For details on the current 2015 contest, go to the Show Us Your Buck contest page. 
Read the rules for submitting your entry in the current Show Us Your Buckmark contest.
Also, you can read the history of the Buckmark logo by clicking here.

  2014 Winners

Breeann Vieth, Misouri
Donnie McLawhon, Florida
Justin Talley, Kansas
Chad Guthmiller, South Dakota
Jeffrey Starr, Arizona
Tracy Cain, Ontario, Canada

2014 Runner-Up Winners

Pamela Bastian, North Carolina
Scott Burton, Texas
Elizabeth Barnes, Minnesota

Article copyright Browning 2015. Individual photos are copyright by the  named owners. Photos from winners are used by Browning with specific permission granted under the rules of the Show Us Your Buckmark contest. Article written by Browning staff writer Scott Engen, 2015. Copyright Browning. Contest winners drawn from 2014 calendar year entries, selected by the Browning selection committee in early February 2015.