Rifle Shooter Magazine puts BLR on top 10 lever actions list.

REVIEW: Below is a review of an article in Rifle Shooter Magazine by Brad Fitzpatrick. The review is written by Browning,  

Whenever avid shooters gather to talk about rifles in general, and lever-actions in particular, the name of legendary firearm inventor John M. Browning quickly moves to center stage. That’s because he was the designer of many of the most iconic lever-actions in American history. The lever-action remains ever popular in America’s gun racks and in Browning’s product line-up.

Recently Brad Fitzpatrick at Rifle Shooter Magazine published his list of the 10 greatest lever-actions of all time. While the list heavily favored the vintage designs that John M. Browning executed more than a century ago for Winchester Repeating Arms, a more recent design by the elder Browning’s grandson, Bruce Browning, was included and for good reason.

“The BLR is unquestionably one of the most versatile lever actions ever created,"

“The BLR was Browning’s stab at modernizing the lever action,” noted Fitzpatrick. “Its box magazine and sturdy design allows the BLR to be chambered in a host of popular hunting cartridges like the .308 Winchester and even the Short Mags, offering outstanding ballistics for a lever gun.”

“The aluminum alloy receiver is lightweight, the rotating bolt head offers secure lockup, and it’s easy to mount a scope atop the BLR’s receiver,” continued Fitzpatrick. “The BLR is unquestionably one of the most versatile lever actions ever created, and even after 40 years of production, it’s still a winner.”

In a nutshell, the Browning BLR gives today’s demanding rifleman all the modern design benefits like a rack and pinion bolt, magnum cartridge strength, a detachable box magazine, giving you the ability to use aerodynamically superior ammunition in a rifle that’s slick, compact and fast handling. The BLR even comes in a takedown model for compact storage and transportation, even fitting into a backpack or suitcase.

If you hunt in heavy timber, dense brush, on horseback or from an ATV, or if you just love the feel of a quality lever-action, the Browning BLR is the rifle for you. Learn more about the BLR by clicking here.

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