The Harvested Film Series. Sponsored by Browning.

The Harvested film series is produced by Silencerco, an industry leader in noise suppression for firearms. Browning is a sponsor of this series of films highlighting unique and interesting hunting experiences of the famous and the expert. We hope you enjoy the series.


past tense: harvested; past participle: harvested
1. to catch or hunt (animals) for consumption and use

In cooperation with Silencerco, Browning is a proud sponsor of the Harvested film series. Hunting. It’s a tradition. It’s a challenge. It’s a way to provide. We don’t just understand this–we live it. Hunting is a part of our lives just as much as it is a part of yours. Join us as we set off with silenced rifles and expert guides to reconnect with the wilderness and harvest some challenging game. 

Josh Kline and "Last Hurrah."

Josh Kline is no stranger to hard work and the need to overcome adversity. Looking back at the last five years of his NFL career it’s filled with highs and lows.

After signing with the New England Patriots in 2013 for his rookie year, he rode that roller coaster of ups and downs. By 2016, and starting only 18 games for New England, Josh was released by the Patriots in Week 1 to be claimed soon after by the Tennessee Titans. His approach to the game allowed him to adjust to a new offensive scheme and have an immediate positive impact in Tennessee.

As a child, Josh was sure of two things: he wanted to play in the NFL, and he loved the outdoors. Like many of us, he had no idea how these two passions would play hand-in-hand in his future.

In Harvested: Last Hurrah, we head down to Florida to link up with the Tennessee Titans’ starting right guard, Josh Kline, in pursuit of monster gators and wild pigs. Join us on the journey to experience Josh’s last hurrah before the NFL season begins and learn how being in the outdoors has helped shape Josh into who he is today.

Josh Kline's Bio:

Entering his fifth season in the National Football League and second season as the Tennessee Titans' starting guard, Josh Kline's path to the NFL started as a young kid playing football in Mason, Ohio. As a high school football standout and state champion wrestler, Josh committed to play football for Kent State University. He started 34 games for the Golden Flashes and positioned himself for an opportunity to play football at the highest level. 

As an undrafted rookie, Josh had a few offers following the 2013 NFL Draft. He ultimately chose the New England Patriots: a club that presented the best opportunity to make a 53-man roster. He approached his first day of camp with the same mentality that he plays the game with as a veteran in his fifth season: a hard working, team-first mentality. Josh made the 53-man roster in 2013, but his path into the NFL would include many highs and lows. He was demoted to practice squad followed by a promotion to the active roster multiple times in his rookie season. He persevered and was eventually named the starting guard for the New England Patriots during the 2014 season. In 2016, after starting 18 games in New England, Josh was released by the Patriots in Week 1. 

Josh was claimed by the Tennessee Titans and became the starting right guard in Week 3. His approach to the game allowed him to adjust to a new offensive scheme and have an immediate impact in Tennessee. He started 14 games for the Tennessee Titans in 2016 and contributed to a significantly improved offense. In 2017, Josh looks to further this momentum and lead the team to an even more successful season, which starts up front with the offensive line.