NRA Gun of the Week: Browning Hi Power Mark III Pistol

2016 Article

Article Review

Time and time againi variations of the Browning Hi Power (sometimes called the High-Power) show up in "Best of" and "Gun of the Week" articles. 

This time it comes by way of the NRA's American Rifle editors. The reason has been clear for over 80 years: the John Moses Browning was a genius of design and what he created was years ahead of its time. 

In the article and video the author details the Mark III pistol which is in the current Browning line. There is a lot that can be praised, but this summed it up, "the gun remains a durable locked-breech, recoil-operated, single-action, semi-automatic pistol that has earned its place . . ."

Watch the excellent NRA  video below where American Rifleman's Brian Sheetz takes a detailed look at the  High Power, "still a popular into its eighth decade."

Review copyright Browning 2016. The Hi Power Video, the screen image and quotes are copyright American Rifleman magazine. Read the article here.