New Products for 2019

New 2019 Lights

New technologies, better batteries and USB recharging - the future is now.

Coming in 2019. Not all new flashlight models are available at the first of the year. When they arrive throughout this year, many of the new styles will be available from your local Browning dealer. Plus, you will be able to buy Browning flashlights here on 

This means we are not posting all new products at the beginning of the year. As these new products become available, we'll be launching them here on for purchase online or at your favorite Browning dealer. Look for these new headlamps, flashlights, spotlights, and more very soon. Until then, here are a few new lights to whet your appetite for more lumens.

The Browning High Noon Pro 1000 USB Rechargeable with Power Bank - Features Wide-Angle Technology, Serves as a Power Bank for USB devices, and is Capable of using both single-use and rechargeable batteries. 1,800 max lumens to reach out to 1,000 yards.

The Browning Night Gig Headlamp with Wide-Angle Technology for an ultra-intense, wide-angle beam.

The Browning Rumble USB Rechargeable Lantern - 550 max lumens, white or green light, powered by USB rechargeable internal battery or single-use AA batteries, waterproof and floats.