Merry Christmas from all of us at Browning.

The holiday season means many different things to each of us. But the list of things we have in common is even longer: family, tradition, friendship, loyalty, giving, helping and service. A love of life and children and hunting dogs and fine firearms. A love of hunting and the outdoor sports. And much more. The list could go on and on.

So whether it is Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, or any number of other meaningful holiday greetings, we love this incredible time of the year. And even though the weather is bitter in many parts of the country, we hope you can get out with your family for a bit of shooting and, if you're lucky, a late season hunt. From all of us at Browning, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and wonderful, happy New Year. If you wish, share a photo of your Holiday traditions on our Instagram or Facebook pages. 

Below are a few of our Facebook and Instagram Christmas cards shared in recent years.

Do you decorate your big game mounts at Christmas. The two on the left are from the Browning offices and the one on the right is from an employee's home where it has been decorated as a family tradition for over two decades.

This is a real cookie baked along with a full batch of Christmas cookies. The picture was posted on Facebook in 2009. It was kept as a souvenir for several years until it started to crumble away. Time to make another batch.

It took hundreds of Show Us Your Buckmark entries along with a sophisticated program to create this montage of John Moses Browning for our social media Christmas Card in 2013. Mr. Browning is highly revered here at the Browning offices and we loved this tribute to him and to all those who share our feelings for his life and genius.

We put out a plea to all employees for family hunting photos in this 2012 social media Christmas card. A love of hunting and the outdoors is an integral part of the lives of nearly every "Browning Family" in Utah and around the world.

The Christmas tree in the front lobby of our offices served as our social media Christmas card in 2011. The tree is decorated with Browning ornaments and other Browning items each year.

In 2015 we posted this as our social media Christmas card just because we had been watching this buck behind our offices and wanted to show him off. Many deer winter on the meadow just north of our trap and skeet range. We are able to keep track of some bucks from year to year.

This is our 2016 Christmas card. This card continues the theme of "Natural "Buckmark logos. The Buckmark logo shown was sculpted and cast into the form of an antler by a taxidermist near our offices in Utah.

Every year we receive Christmas-themed Show Us Your Buckmark entries from Browning fans all across North America. We wanted to show them here so you can enjoy them and maybe get some ideas. The 2016 Show Us Your Buckmark ends soon. If you would like to enter go to our entry page. 

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