The Making of the "Rack Up Some Points" Commercial.

If you are into taxidermy or D.I.Y. this will interest you. Sometimes the way things come about is as interesting as the final result. This is true with the new Browning "Rack Up Some Points" TV commercial. If you saw the original commercial (see below) and asked yourself, "I wonder how they did that," then this video is for you. We asked the pros at Tyler  Anderson Taxidermy (here in Utah) to transform the Browning Buckmark Logo into something incredible. And they did it beautifully. They took this project from a wild idea of the Browning advertising team to a final three-dimensional realization as shown in the video. Watch the videos below then, to see their work, go to Tyler Anderson Taxidermy. This would have made a great entry into the Show Us Your Buckmark contest. Now that it is done, we think it will inspire you with even more amazing ideas. 

Watch the full commercial below.