Law Enforcement Technology Magazine gives a "definitely carry" to the 1911-380.

Below is a review of an article in Law Enforement Technology Magazine by Lindsey Bertomen. The review is written by Browning editor Scott Engen.

Lindsey Bertomen, Law Enforcement Technology’s firearms and tactics contributing editor would “definitely carry” the new Browning 1911-380

At the live-fire range day during the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Browning introduced the 1911-380 to the firearms industry and the gun media. One of those who took the opportunity to put several magazines of Winchester’s great Train and Defend ammo through this slick little 1911 was Lindsey Bertomen, the contributing editor for firearms and tactics for Law Enforcement Technology. This internationally respected LE publication bills itself as “The #1 information source for law enforcement managers.”

While Bertomen reviewed a number of different LE-related items in his article entitled “Lindsey’s SHOT Short List” in the publication’s March 2015 issue, he lead off with his impressions of the new Browning 1911-380.

“One of my favorite thrills at SHOT was Browning’s release of their 1911-380”

“One of my favorite thrills at SHOT was Browning’s release of their 1911-380, a scaled down government model faithful to the original design,” observed Bertomen. “As you know, John M. Browning designed the 380 Auto to be an 85% scale cartridge of the 45 Auto. The 1911-380 is an 85 scale of the 45 Auto 1911.”

“It is perfect for IWB strong side carry,” continued Bertomen. “How does it shoot? The fixed sights are better than most other factory 380s. The controls are intuitive…including a safety that sweeps cleanly. It is comfortable in the hand and came on target quicker that some of my own guns…I would definitely carry this.”

“How does it shoot?…I would definitely carry this.”

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