Jason Klingele wins the Browning Handicap and $5,000.

Pacific International Trap Association (PITA) Grand Pacific Trap Shoot in Spokane, WA

Pacific International Trap Association (PITA) Grand Pacific Trap Shoot. Browning and the PITA orgnaization have shared a special relationship for over a decade. For the last six years, the main event -- a one hundred bird handicap shot on Saturday, July 28, now called the Browning Grand Pacific Handicap Championship -- offers the winner a cool $5,000 if that shooter wins it with a Browning shotgun. This year Jason Klingele did just that with his BT-99. And he dit it in a high-stress shootoff after several shooters tied. He is the second winner in the history of the prize to pocket the $5,000 since the program began. Congratulations Jason. 

Jason with his giant $5,000 check.

A few words from the Grand Pacific organizers.

"We had a winner in the Browning Handicap, who was also shooting a Browning BT-99 to win it!  Jason Klingele, shot a 98 in the Browning Championship Handicap from the 24.5 yard line.  He tied with two other shooters and he won the shoot-off.

"So...he wins the $5,000!"