This product overview was written in 2016. Browning's line of Hell's Canyon technical clothing has changed over the past two years. You will want to refer to current product pages for the product specifications. This page will be left on our site as a reference for those who previously purchased SPEED clothing or for those who are looking at buying 2016 models from your dealer's inventory. This page refers to the 2016 line of Browning Hell's Canyon SPEED clothing specifically. 

What Makes Hell's Canyon SPEED Technical Clothing Better?

Hell's Canyon Speed hunting clothing showing four hunters in warm, wet, cool and cold conditions.
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What makes SPEED superior?

"Me-too" is not the Browning way. If you are a serious, athletically-inclined hunter who hunts hard under difficult conditions and keeps hunting in wild weather extremes, then you need top tier hunting clothing. Browning SPEED excels at every level and every situation -- from the form and fit, right down to the smallest details like reinforcing and fasteners. Take the time to investigate and you will know what makes Browning Hell's Canyon SPEED a cut above all the others. . 

Superior stitching of Hell's canyon Speed hunting clothing..

Superior stitching and reinforcing can take the stress of hard hunting.  Double stitching is used to protect stress points. And bar tacs at key stress points. 


Double snaps on Hell's canyon Speed hunting clothing.

Top-quality components — including fasteners, snaps and buttons — make a difference when outside in real-world conditions.  For example, double snaps equal twice the security. 


Beard guard on Hell's canyon Speed hunting clothing.

Beard guards are not optional. When you have been in the field they protect your neck from bothersome neck irritation. 


Beard guard on Hell's canyon Speed hunting clothing.

Unlike ordinary beard guards, ours really protects your entire beard from the zipper. The beard guard wraps over from behind, covering the zipper pull completely, front and back. No more ouch.


Reinforced stitching on SPEED hunting clothing.

Not all stitching is created equal. You will see what we mean when you look closely at the durable, reinforced stitching on SPEED clothing. 


Double stitching on Hell's canyon Speed hunting clothing..

Failure is not an option here, on the seat. Strong reinforcing is needed where the abuse is expected. SPEED has it. 


Zipper on Hell's canyon Speed hunting clothing.

Not all zippers are created equal. Top-quality components are standard on SPEED clothing. Easy to zip. Secure. Tough. Plus, little zipper hoodies cover the zipper pull and secure it in place.


Ultra-strong stitching of Hell's Canyon Speed hunting clothing.

The little details matter. For example, like features on our mesh fabric shirts. They are made to fit close to the skin so they need to stretch and pull comfortably. And they need ultra-strong stitching. With SPEED you get it all. 


Safety harness port on Hell's Canyon Speed hunting clothing.

SPEED jackets are available with safety harness access built-in. The best hunting jackets have this feature. 


Oversized belt loops on Hell's Canyon Speed hunting clothing.

Over-sized, reinforced belt loops are something you want. Only the best gear has them. Browning SPEED does, of course. 


A-TACS FG (Foliage/Green) camo of Hell's Canyon Speed hunting clothing.

A-TACS FG (Foliage/Green) Camo utilizes numerous shades of green sampled directly from a variety of forested and transitional terrain elements combined with various shades of earth.


A-TACS AU (Arid/Urban) Camo Hell's Canyon Speed hunting clothing.

A-TACS AU (Arid/Urban) Camo utilizes numerous shades of green sampled directly from a variety of arid and late-season elements combined with various shades of earth and small amounts of green.


The Hell's Canyon SPEED checklist.

  1. Durability. Only the most durable fabrics with high abrasion resistance are used. Each fabric is tested and approved by our clothing experts and -- most importantly -- by our beta testers, whose job it is to "prove or destroy." SPEED clothing. What you see is what they demanded. 
  2. Tear resistance. The fabric itself resists tearing and ripping under the stress of stalking, crawling, climbing and handling heavy loads under the worst, toughest, rockiest, gnarliest conditions. Like when you are making the mad dash to get ahead of the herd, or when hauling out your kill. 
  3. Reinforcing. Only the finest stitching reinforcing is good enough for Browning SPEED, and SPEED has it. So your pants and shirts will keep it together no matter how you stretch and bend or how tough the hunt gets.
  4. Comfort. The fabrics and designs of top tier hunting clothing must keep you comfortable in all weather. You need breathability, water resistance, warmth, and just the right amount of stretch . . . all of it matters hugely. And comfort is something you can expect only from the best designed technical clothing in the world and it's something you get with each SPEED clothing item.
  5. Fasteners. The finest hunting gear has the finest zippers, buttons and attachments -- and so does Browning SPEED. Ease of use and durable function are achieved with quality components. There is no magic here. Only quality works. 
  6. Fit. It is no secret that SPEED has "HeroFit." This unique cut for the jackets, pants and shirts keeps your clothing close to you for less snagging on brush and bunching in important places on your body. Bulk is eliminated and comfort enhanced. Sizing is critical so be sure to try SPEED on, and, if you are still not quite to your perfect physique, order a size larger and you will still get a superior fit.
  7. Protection. Top tier hunting clothing has protections like beard guards and zippers that won't snag or fail in the field. Small things failing can get you into a tight spot. SPEED clothing has this attention to detail. 
  8. Specialization. The jacket and pant that does everything does nothing well. That is why we offer a comprehensive selection of Hell's Canyon SPEED clothing combinations to match your hunt location and weather conditions. Warm, wet, cool, cold -- we offer the right set of layering options that will keep you comfortable, agile and focused. Your hunting clothing should never hold you back. SPEED is top tier clothing for the hunter athlete. Looking for the best? You can get the technical features, advanced fabrications and design advantages you need with Browning SPEED.
  9. Camo matters. Browning's reputation and resources offer us the choice of virtually any camo pattern in the world. But when developing the world's leading hunting clothing we needed something superlative -- beyond "the best." Something reaching into the realm of near perfection. It is called A-Tacs camo. Proven in real world conditions and now proven and tested to the extremes in every hunting environment on the North American continent. It really does work better. And it doesn't hurt that it looks great too.  

Why should you believe us? Hell's Canyon SPEED technical clothing is a natural evolution from our already highly proven Hell's Canyon clothing. All Browning clothing is field tested to the extreme. Testers include our own outdoor products and clothing team, plus our Pro-Staff and our super-guide beta testers who use pre-production versions before the real items are produced. Sometimes we get it perfect from the start and sometimes we need our beta testers to help us perfect each jacket, shirt, pant and accessory.  The new SPEED clothing experienced a bit of both. But the outcome is ideal: extraordinary clothing design with an industry leading level of functional durability. 

Hunting in cliffs with Hell's Canyon Speed hunting clothing.

Light and fast is key with HeroFit. HeroFit is designed for hunters who take their sport and gear seriously. Trim dimensions and tough, stretchable fabrics work together to maximize mobility.

  • Jacket fit is taken to the extreme with a narrow shoulder line and downward taper from the shoulders to the hips that adds range of motion in the arms and minimizes fabric bunching.
  • Trimmer sleeves eliminate excess bulk that can snag on guns or catch bow strings.
  • Pants are carefully tailored to maximize range of motion and comfort when walking and high-stepping over obstacles.
  • Narrower hip and thigh areas reduce bulk and add comfort when sitting for extended periods of time.
Hunter setup with X-Bolt rifle on shooting sticks wearing speed hunting clothing.
Hunter at full draw with bow and bull elk in front of him.
Bow hunting wearing Hell's Canyon Speed hunting clothing.